Day 1930: Lucky to be different

Yesterday was lucky to be different in several ways:

  • It was Friday the 13th.
  • Vivian the social work intern showed me her Lucky to Be Different socks.


  • Vivian and I were lucky to facilitate a therapy group where different people discussed how lack or loss of control affects them.





  • I was lucky to find different images  throughout the day.

















It’s lucky to be different around here.

It’s lucky that there are different versions of “Get Lucky” on YouTube (herehere, and here).

Do you think it’s lucky to be different?

I’m lucky to get different comments every day.

It’s lucky to be different, here and now, expressing thanks to all who helped me create today’s post and — of course! — to YOU.



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25 thoughts on “Day 1930: Lucky to be different

  1. I think it’s different to be lucky, Ann. Just joshin’. Like the shelter workers making up witty cat dislikes.

  2. I’m lucky to appreciate the differences…sure makes life more interesting and intriguing.

  3. I’m very lucky to be diffferent and to have been born in a time and place where being different is accepted, Sometimes even celebrated. That’s the funny thing about luck: sometimes it just comes to us and sometimes we make our own luck.

  4. I do like those descriptions for all the cats – very creative. I think being different is wonderful, and it make for a very interesting life. I am lucky to be able to come and visit you with all your different posts!!

  5. I consider myself lucky in my uniqueness – perhaps that’s no different from anyone else

  6. you make me happy
    teaching that some
    are not only unique
    but also have it under control 🙂

  7. I love the cat bios. I’m lucky to be able to drop by your blog anytime.

  8. Is that a blue lobster on your “lucky to be different” socks?

    • Vivian the intern pointed out to me the blue lobster on her “lucky to be different” socks. I am lucky to get two different comments from you, Maureen, about this post.

  9. Daft Punk. I always liked that name. I’ve known people who were daft. And I’ve known punks, but a daft punk would be unique.

  10. I’m lucky to have seen what those cats don’t like.. made me smile

  11. millenialworm

    I agree with a lot of the stuff those cats don’t like. Haha. I feel lucky to be different and it feels different to be lucky. I’m different in a lot of ways so I had to learn to embrace being differentm, not just accepting it. Come check out my blog and you’ll see just how different I am.

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