Day 1928: Outgoing

When I was out going to Physical Therapy yesterday morning, I saw this:


That was hours before I heard  the news about outgoing House Speaker Paul Ryan and saw this:

How Much is Outgoing House Speaker Paul Ryan Worth?

My current outgoing thought: How much is any human being worth?  When I was an outgoing child, I saw a TV drama about the fact that all the chemicals in the human body were worth less than a dollar,  which was probably based on a 1924 article titled “Our Bodies’ Worth Only 84 Cents” by one of the outgoing founders of the Mayo Clinic, Dr. Charles Mayo.

If you’re outgoing enough to click on all the links in that previous outgoing paragraph, you’ll be out going to a post I wrote when I was at the Mayo Clinic nineteen months ago.

Here are other outgoing photos I took when I was out going to work yesterday:





I stayed strong yesterday, even though there was ice going all over my outgoing car yesterday morning. I think people are less outgoing when it is this cold out going a month into Spring.

Going out to YouTube, this outgoing blogger sees a lot of videos about outgoing Paul Ryan and other ones on how introverts can be more outgoing. I’d rather be out going dancing to these songs:

If you leave an outgoing comment, I’ll respond with an outgoing reply.

Thanks are going out to all who helped me create today’s outgoing post and — of course — to YOU!



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8 thoughts on “Day 1928: Outgoing

  1. Thanks for going out strong every day for us, Ann.

  2. My new very old cat is quite outgoing. She likes to jump into the tub when I am showering and crawl under the covers next to me when I am in bed. I don’t use a can opener with cat food but she has superhero-level hearing for those peel-off lids.
    I don’t know ow much about dance songs but I love seeing videos of the BeeGees when they were singing together as young brothers.

  3. The value of being outgoing is if we think ourselves unworthy we can be assured of our worth.

  4. I really like the cat picture. We are going out tonight

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