Day 1927: I’m so sick of …

I’m so sick of …

  • winter weather,

  • my fears,

  • unpleasant surprises,

  • worry,

  • photos from my phone not loading on my laptop, like these:

  • writing blog posts on my phone because that’s where the photos are,
  • waking up  multiple times during the night,
  • people who don’t listen,
  • politicians who start a sentence with “What the American people want is …”,
  • dishonesty,
  • greed,
  • name calling,
  • injustice,
  • racism,
  • sexism,
  • homophobia
  • ageism, and
  • physical therapy at 7:30 in the morning.

What are you so sick of?

I’m not sick of this Tom Petty song.


I hope you’re not so sick of my gratitude because I have lots of that for all those who helped me write this blog post and — of course! — for YOU.


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30 thoughts on “Day 1927: I’m so sick of …

  1. sing it! me too

  2. remote technical advisers you can only reach after going through robotic hoops

  3. So sick of too much!

    (About your photos….why not load them from your phone to the media of your WP, or even directly to a post. Save the post. Then write from your computer? That way you don’t have to ‘type’ on your phone. I’ve done that soooooo very often!)

  4. Waking up to find the temp is 29 degrees on April 11th makes me sick of winter not taking its leave. I am certainly not sick of coming by to see what you are sick of Ann. Misery loves company ❤

  5. Email the photos to yourself, and you’ll have them on your laptop as well, Ann. Tip of the day from a fellow daily blogger.

  6. Posting on your smartphone is so smart Ann! I’m never sick of hearing from you 💛

  7. I’m sick of all I need to do and not enough moxie or time to do it all! I’m not sick of you or your blog,, my dear, both of which are part of the solution, not part of the problem!

  8. I am afraid of not knowing what to say. But only a little bit.
    Do you find living by water somewhat calming?

  9. I’m sick of most of the same things as you are, especially winter and waking up at night. Re the photos, I send the photos from my email account on my phone to my other email account (I’ve got 2 email accounts, one of which is not on the phone). Then I download the photo from my inbox on the PC and I’ve got it there when I want to use it in a blog. There’s probably a less complicated way, but I’m not that tech savvy and this way works for me!

  10. A friend and I were just discussing Ipecac. Anyone who doesn’t know me will think that’s an odd thing to discuss while all those who know me won’t find anything strange about it. This came to mind now because I realized that there are times when you have to be sick in order to start the process of getting well, although it also helps to first know you’re sick.

  11. I gave up being afraid, I found it was bad for my nerves. 😀

  12. I am so sick of, loud boys who give me a headache, soon I will leave to take one of them to school

  13. Love this post! I’m sick of all the things you’re sick of, except PT because I don’t need it. Also, I can’t post shit on my smartphone. I guess I’m not smart enough to figure out how!

  14. Thank you. I woke very early this morning thinking all those things (and worse about the builders who have not yet finished the work they started here in February). You and Tom Petty have put the heart back into me.

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