Day 1926: Taking steps

Yesterday, I started taking steps for a fitness challenge where I work.  I’ve committed to taking at least 10,000 steps every day for the next month.

While I was taking steps yesterday, I was also taking pictures. Now I am taking steps to share those photos.


After taking more than 3,000 steps to get to my office, I took the step to indicate my mood on my new feeling chart.  If you take a few blogging steps back, you’ll see here (in the post Day 1923: Accepting all feelings) that the feeling chart is something people created in a therapy group last week. On Monday morning,  after taking all those steps, I was feeling hope.


After taking about 1,000 more steps at work, I took the step of completing a required online training  — “Security Smart: Keeping Yourself Safe in the Workplace — which included taking steps to deescalate when people are upset.

After taking steps to help many people with many problems (while taking approximately 2,000 more steps around the hospital), I took a step at the end of the day to temporarily change my mood chart.


I believe that taking steps to express and share feelings helps to deescalate those feelings.

After my long work day, I took 3,000 more steps to walk back to my car. At about 9 PM while I was taking steps at home, I reached my daily goal of taking 10,000 steps!

While I was taking steps yesterday, I heard “Steppin’ Out” sung by Kurt Elling.


Today, I’ll be taking steps to

  • go to work,
  • provide individual and group therapy at the Primary Care Practice of a Boston hospital,
  • treat people with respect,
  • listen to music I love, and
  • gather photos for tomorrow’s blog.

If you’d like to take steps to leave a comment, please step down below this blog.

As always, I’m taking steps to express my gratitude to all who help me take the necessary steps to create this daily blog, including YOU.



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23 thoughts on “Day 1926: Taking steps

  1. I think if I had taken rather less steps when I was younger, I may be able to take more now.

  2. Good for you Ann! 10,000 is not an easy goal to reach. Even though I am on my feet and walking around all day I became discouraged when I would not meet the 10,000 steps that became the “go to” number. I reset my Fitbit to 6000 steps, which was more realistic, and if I go over, well go me! My mood chart would show me smiling in that case!

  3. I think Lynyrd Skynyrd’s band members and fans took a lot more than three steps at their shows, but I’m just estimating. I know I did.

    • I’m estimating that you’ve taken lots of steps in your life, Mark, and I appreciate every step you’ve taken here.

  4. I love the steps you are taking Ann. My goal is also 10000 steps a day, but I have to set aside time to walk, or plan a trip to Costco. That usually gets them up there 😉

  5. Do you and your co-workers feel more at risk these days? If so, I am sad about that. You all have enough on your plates, helping people.

    The signs of escalating behaviour seem to overlap with the signs of depression and anxiety. How can a therapist who works with people dealing with trauma and experiencing depression and anxiety and anger, distinguish between the people she is caring for, and someone out to kill her?

    • I do not feel more at risk. Also, those signs in the photo are the PRELIMINARY stage of escalating behavior, which can often be easily de-escalated and look very different from highly escalated behavior (discussed later in the training, which was for everybody who works at the hospital). I think it helps to know steps to de-escalate escalating behavior.

      I’m trying to take steps to reassure you.

  6. I’ve long lost the ability to take steps, literal not figurative. One never appreciates what one has until it’s gone. The literal steps can no longer be taken and regrets for that cannot be amended. But, in the figurative sense, take the steps necessary which will avoid those regrets. For they carry greater weight.

  7. That reminds me of a joke I haven’t thought of since I was a kid.
    What steps do you take when you encounter a killer robot?
    Big ones…in the opposite direction.

  8. I took lots of steps today, going to another office a few block away to a meeting and having to go at least 6 blocks out of my way because police had cordoned off a large area. No idea why. Demonstration? Bomb threat? I was late, but it was a nice day to walk. Lots of blossoms, flowers and little green leaves, even though it seemed a bit chill! Enjoy your steps.

    • I enjoyed reading about those steps you took today, Lisa, especially the ones with the welcome steps of Spring approaching.

  9. That’s a very long day, Ann. I admire the many steps taken, and hope that rest came swiftly!

  10. I used to take a lot steps now I have trouble putting one foot in front of another

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