Day 1922: The temperature

Last night in a therapy group, we did a mindfulness exercise in which we focused on the temperature in the room. After the exercise, people shared that they were

  • cold,
  • hot, and
  • hot and cold at the same time.

This goes to show that different people in the same room at the same time can have very different experiences, even regarding something as measurable as the temperature.

Earlier in the day, I noticed that the temperature outside was the coldest I could ever recall for the Boston Red Sox home opener.

Later in the day, the temperature in the group room went up when people discussed what made them mad.

What makes you mad? How does that affect your temperature?

Here’s the last photo I snapped yesterday in the cold Boston temperature.


Here‘s a film by David Leaf about the night James Brown saved Boston.

Thanks to all who helped me write this post about the temperature and — of course! — to you, no matter what the temperature is where you are.

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12 thoughts on “Day 1922: The temperature

  1. Sometimes when I tell European or Australian friends what the temperature is in Tennessee I have to remember to convert it to Celsius. When I say it’s boiling hot I want to make it clear I only mean that metaphorically. No matter how hot it gets, though, James Brown will always be cool.

  2. I am freezing in Syracuse even as my New York Mets are opening the season blazing hot, Ann. I’ll take it.

  3. It feels very cool here on the west coast for April, too. Forty thousand cherry trees are in bloom, though, so it is worth putting on a jacket to take a stroll.

    What makes me mad? I guess I would rather not say. Instead, I will go and make a cake without flour.

    Hope warmer spring weather blows your way soon.

  4. Debbie Terman

    I saw a news report that in fact it was the coldest Fenway opening day since MLB starting recording temps in box scores (1988), plus going back to 1972 in Red Sox records. Since I was fortunate enough to attend, I can attest that it was definitely cold. The extra-inning win was terrific, but did not make us warmer.

  5. I was both hot and cold last Tuesday but that was when I had a migraine and again last night when I had a slight fever

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