Day 1918: Number Thoughts

Here are some number thoughts:

  1. “Number thoughts” could mean thoughts about numbers OR thoughts that are more numb than others.
  2. Another thought is that the news these days can be numbing.
  3. The number in today’s title is the year that both my late parents were born.
  4. 2 days ago I tweeted these 19 words about numbers: “Doing your own taxes gives you the oppprtunity to calculate — with real numbers — how stupid you are about money.”
  5. I thought that tweet was fine but now I see that the 8th word is a mistake.
  6. My thoughts have now turned to  the number of mistakes I’ve made in my life.
  7. My thoughts about mistakes could be number (rather than more worried).
  8. One of the 1st thoughts I had this morning was to imagine my thoughts floating by in a number of beautiful clouds in a clear blue sky.
  9. A number of people have told me they find that exercise of imagining thoughts in clouds very helpful.
  10. I took a number of photos yesterday.









Even though our cat Harley has seen me a  number of times, he still thought I was an intruder when I returned home yesterday after spending a number of joyful hours with my ex-in-laws. I had that thought because he hissed at me through the window.

Here’s the 5th suggestion from YouTube about “Number Thoughts”:

Here’s one of a number of thoughts posted on YouTube about that clip from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy:

At the very moment she says ’42’, guess how many minutes into the movie that is. Yep, I officially have no life.

I’m looking forward to a number of thoughts about today’s post.

No matter how numb a number of my thoughts might be, I always remember to end with thanks to all who helped me create today’s post and — of course! — YOU.


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17 thoughts on “Day 1918: Number Thoughts

  1. On 7.7.77 I was 35; on 07.07.07 I reached 65. I don’t think I’ll reach the next good date 🙂

  2. Put a circular pillow under your head at bedtime, Ann, and it could be a round number.

  3. my thoughts are numb as a raging snowstorm is outside my window, having dumped over 4 inches already and it’s 8am. How’s that for numbing numbers???

  4. Psst, Harley! A number of scented trails led me here!

  5. Aaron is so cute in that photo! I hope he is coming home soon

  6. It’s difficult to know where to start with numbers, or where to stop since they keep going, but one thing that comes to mind is that when I was in college someone who’d famously predicted a couple of recent earthquakes reported that a massive earthquake along the New Madrid fault was imminent. There hasn’t been a big earthquake along that fault since 1811. Someone pointed out to me that the prediction was very specific: it was supposed to happen on the 12th of March (the 3rd month) at 4:56am, it would be a 7.8 magnitude quake, and the year was ’90.
    A lot of people were genuinely convinced the earthquake would happen, which just goes to show how smart people can be pretty foolish with numbers.

    • It also goes to show that people like to forecast the future, with often mind-numbing results. Thanks for another in a very large number of smart comments, Chris.

  7. Numbers are everywhere, some numbers are good, some not so much, some are confusing and give us a headache and by us I mean me and other people I know.

    How did Number 1 & number 2 come to mean a body function, I have no idea

  8. This list is priceless ~ although you did have to bring up taxes in them 😦 So accurate, and you brought a smile to my face. Wishing you a great spring Ann, take care 🙂

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