Day 1914: Commitment

Despite my commitment to creating a daily blog post for the past nineteen hundred and thirteen days (but who’s counting?), I have written only one prior blog post about commitments. That was over four years ago, when I had made a commitment to blog daily for one year. At the end of 2013, I decided to expand the commitment to blog daily for as long as I could.

When things are getting in the way of  your doing something,  it can help to make a commitment to yourself or to others. For example, I’ve been having trouble committing to doing my taxes, so last Sunday I made this commitment to myself:

From now on, I shall work on my taxes one hour every day.

Because I have a commitment to the truth, I’ll tell you that after making that commitment I decided that commitment wouldn’t start until the next day However, I have honored that commitment every day since.  And that commitment has helped me

  • work on my taxes,
  • leave room for other things in my life, and
  • let go of worry, angst, and other painful thoughts and feelings about taxes.

I’m not sure why I have a yearly commitment to feeling bad about taxes, but  I’ve committed to writing other blog posts about that here, here, here  here. here, here, here, hereherehere, here, and here.  While I made a commitment to link to those many other taxing blog posts I don’t expect anybody to make the commitment to reading all of them.

However, here’s a commitment that’s easier to fulfill — looking at my photos from yesterday. Let’s see if any of them show commitments.












I’m so happy I made a commitment last year to moving near the water.

Here‘s a song by The Commitments:


If you make a commitment to post a comment, I commit to writing a reply.

Let’s end, as always, with my commitment to thank everyone who helped me commit again to this daily blog and — of course! — YOU.



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25 thoughts on “Day 1914: Commitment

  1. Thank you Ann, and yes I’ve always been a loyalist to my loved ones and I’ve always been committed to the tasks that I undertake xx

  2. I’ve found commitment to others is easier than commitment to chores. ❤️😉

  3. You can be nice to yourself about the taxes, Ann.

  4. I saw The Commitments when I was in Ireland, and recognized Glen Hansard on the street in Dublin. Years later I’d work with an Irish woman whose husband trained the film’s drummer. In spite of all this I’ve never made any particular commitment to the film, nor have I read Roddy Doyle’s novel.
    I’m not sure where I’m going with this, but I’ve made a commitment to commenting and I’d be remiss if I didn’t say I admire your commitment to blogging daily.

  5. Harley commits to being cute and always delivers. Congratulations on your tax strategy.

  6. I’m committed to trying to get over here and read your posts everyday Ann. How’s the shoulder?

    • I am committed to your wonderful blog too, Lisa, although I haven’t been getting over there every day. I’m starting with a new physical therapist for my shoulder today. ❤

  7. I’m committed in getting to know Ann’s cats better, I like the looks I see…

  8. At times I can commit to things that are even very complex and difficult, while other times, even simple things are the source of great procrastination! I really admire your ability to post daily, Ann. But it is NOT difficult to commit to reading what you share. It’s always uplifting!

  9. I’m committed to letting my accountant take care of my taxes. Dammit – you’ve reminded me that he will want some figures soon

  10. I dropped off my tax info to my accountant this afternoon. I’m glad she is committed to her job!!

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