Day 1903: Who does that?

Who tweets on a Saturday when there are so many other things to do?

Who fires somebody right before his retirement and calls it “A great day for Democracy”? I wish I didn’t know.

Who tweeted yesterday,  worked on her taxes, AND went to a wonderful performance of Into the Woods at Brandeis University?

Who believes the United States will survive its current administration?  Who believes that pain and strife can result in growth and learning?

Who takes photos like these?















Who believes in unicorns? Who believes that time heals all wounds and wounds all heels?

Who does “Who Are You?”

Who does her best to thank those who help her create these blog posts (including the Who) and all who read them, including YOU?  Who?IMG_5757



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16 thoughts on “Day 1903: Who does that?

  1. Thank you, Ann, for helping us all the way around.

  2. Who defines life as “infinite diversity in infinite combinations”? Trekkies like me do, and I think we’d all be better if we embraced not just the diversity but the combinations which require cooperation and understanding.

  3. Oh Ann don’t get me started on the first two who??. I’m glad the who, who wrote this is kind, empathetic, brave and thoughtful and a hundred more positive adjectives that I don’t have time to list. Hugs and stay warm.

    • I’m glad to know you, who is kind, empathic, brave, thoughtful, and a hundred more positive adjectives I don’t have time to list either. Hugs back at you, Carol, and thanks for the warm comment.

  4. lifeinkarolingston

    About unicorns My sister believed till she was 17 that they are real haha 😂 And one day we suprised her that they really are a fictional character. All the best.:-)

  5. Thanks for the blast of Who!
    Grateful you are who you are, and share the goodness, Ann 💛

  6. Who indeed

  7. That survival question is so important

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