Day 1895: Forget Regret

Yesterday, in a group therapy session, people talked about regret.  I said, “Regret is really present in this room. Should we invite Regret to sit down?”   People looked a little less regretful when they invited Regret to sit in a corner.  They also asked Regret questions like “Why won’t you go away?”  I answered in the voice of Regret: “I won’t go away because I think I help you. What would you do without me?”  People said that as the session went on, Regret was still there but was getting smaller.

Near the end of the session, I went over to the chair where Regret was sitting, picked it up by the scruff of the neck, opened the door with my other hand, threw Regret into the hallway, and slammed the door.  I asked people how it felt now that Regret was out of the room.  “Wonderful,” was one reply.

Later that day, I went to physical therapy for my torn rotator cuff, and Regret visited me there.  I got so discouraged about my lack of progress that I focused on my regret for slipping and falling on January 31.  Then, I remembered the group, took Regret by the scruff of the neck and threw it out the door.

Here‘s the song I heard yesterday with the lyrics “Forget Regret.”

There’s only us

There’s only this

Forget regret

Or life is yours to miss

No other road

No other way

No day but today.

Kind and wonderful people — like Dr. Maria Gonzalez Del Castillo and Kate at Beacon Hill Dental Associates — help me forget regret.



Taking photos for this blog helps me forget regret.










Forget regret but don’t forget to comment!

I never forget to send a big thank-you to everyone who helps me create this daily blog, especially YOU.


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20 thoughts on “Day 1895: Forget Regret

  1. No regrets being here with you today Ann 💕

  2. Luis Del Castillo

    Those are nice pictures!! ……not that the pictures from previous posts aren’t good too

  3. I have a lot of regret but it is for something I did that hurt somebody else, not for something that happened to me (against my will or accidentally). I have tried, but have never found a way to get rid of that kind of regret.

  4. Val beat me to it – so I’ll just say I regret a few things, but remember them so I may not repeat them

  5. A people pharmacy that can fill pets’ prescriptions is very cool.

  6. I don’t regret having followed my frozen shoulder physical therapy to regain all range of movement, Ann, no matter how painful the process was for me.

  7. lifeinkarolingston

    Life is definitely too short for any regrets! So no regrets, and I definitely do not regret that I’ve read your post! All the best 🙂

  8. Over the years I accumulated so many lifetime regrets, the pile of my regrets became so high, and so wobbly, that one-day not so long, I gave the heap a big push, and out the door they toppled, one after the other. and I’m now feeling free of my burdensome regrets

  9. I could regret not commenting yesterday, but I like the idea of asking regret to leave. So instead of regret I’ll feel glad for a little extra perspective granted by time.

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