Day 1885: More style coming soon

Are you ready for more style coming soon?


I don’t know if this blog is stylish, but I hope it invites and accepts different styles.

More photos coming soon.











I hope there’s more justice, good news, play,  fine art, and dreamers coming soon.

My presentation about my groups is coming soon, in which I might use a stylish line from “Field of Dreams.”

If you build it, they will come.

My style is to explain that “it” is a group therapy program.  In other words, if you build a group therapy program, they will come.

“More Style” coming soon!

If I knew more of that language, I could tell you more about that video’s style.

More comments coming soon, in different styles below.

More thanks coming soon to all those who helped me create this post and — of course! — to you, no matter what your style.





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16 thoughts on “Day 1885: More style coming soon

  1. We definitely all need more new style, humanitarian style, anti-corruption style, Politicians with decency style, anti-racism style, anti-guns style, anti-corporate greed style, and a lot more new “Free”-style.

  2. I like your style.

  3. You have great style! and thank you!

  4. The word “style” comes to us through a circuitous route from the Latin “stylum”, meaning “writing instrument”. As a southpaw I was often mocked in school for my style of holding my stylus, but there was no other way I could write. I learned an important lesson: find your own style and embrace it.

  5. I have no style, just saying

  6. I have never tried group therapy but sometimes I feel I get a taste of the experience from your blog and it is very empowering. I don’t know if group therapy can be stylish but I know that your socks often are.

    No, I have not played the Texas lottery today…or ever. I hope you win it.

  7. arunb

    Hello care to comment

  8. You’ve already got the right style, Ann.

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