Day 1884: Inspired

Because I am participating in an inspired group therapy conference with other inspired group therapists, I am inspired to make this blog post short today.

So, I will ask two inspired questions.

  1. What has inspired you this past week?
  2. Who has inspired you the most in your life?

I will post one inspired photo.


And I will share one inspired video.

I am inspired by so many places and people, including YOU.

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17 thoughts on “Day 1884: Inspired

  1. My Dad and Carole are my inspirations, And last week I was inspired by the writings/poems of Robert Okaji.

  2. lifeinkarolingston

    This post is inspiring me right now. Last week I’ve been inspired by sunny weather in Edinburgh. This city inspires me all the time. I’ve got family and friends who inspires me. And my beloved grandma, who passed away about a year and a half ago. Enjoy your day! 😊

  3. This past week is easy: Richard working on the kitchen; long term, Jackie, the muse of my youth

  4. I was inspired by the many great Olympians the past two weeks, Ann.

  5. This morning on my way to work I listened to a teacher defend her love of the font Comic Sans, the font that inspires so much loathing in so many people. Then when I got to work a friend said, “I know I’m in the minority but I really like James Corden.” And I was inspired to say I like him too.
    People who are willing to admit to and even celebrate things that make them happy even in the face of ridicule inspire me.

  6. Loving friends wh are there for me inspire me! So do you, Ann.

  7. What a wonderful question! I was inspired this weekend by my 2 year old grandson who wouldn’t ride in the sled on our snowy walk around a big big block. He insisted on pulling the plastic sled himself. That’s doing what you want, no matter what others think.

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