Day 1882: Summon your strength

I need to summon my strength for a very early morning flight to Houston, so I choose to summon this pack of tissues.


I need to summon my strength because I am

  • tired,
  • in pain from tearing my rotator cuff,
  • meeting new people,
  • traveling to an unfamiliar city,
  • presenting about my therapy groups,
  • on the medication Coumadin and needing to maintain a therapeutic INR with a consistent diet, and
  • homesick in advance.

I summon my strength by

  • writing,
  • sharing my thoughts and feelings, and
  • taking pictures of my surroundings.








That message on the Paramount Theater in Boston summons my strength to remember that we are home no matter where we are in this world and that I’ll be attending a two-day therapy group in Houston titled “Longing for Home: Past Attachments and Reparative Re-Attachments.”

I also summon my strength by going to great musicals with people I love.



Telling people “You Matter to Me” helps them summon their strength.


How do you summon your strength?

Strong thanks to all who helped me summon my strength to create another blog post and — of course! — to my readers, who matter to me.



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22 thoughts on “Day 1882: Summon your strength

  1. Whenever I need that piece of strength to overcome a difficult task or situation, I simply shut my eyes and think about my dear Lady, and how gracious and strong she remained over the entire 30 years of her incredible hardships that MS bestowed upon her.

  2. Safe travels Ann. I summon strength with support from friends ❤

  3. I see something Zen about a person in pain from a rotator cuff tear traveling to attend a conference about past attachments and reparative re-attachments, Ann. I hope it does something for your spirit.

  4. Good ways to gather your strength all of them. I’m gathering my strength by sitting on the sofa watching the rain hit the lake and thinking about maybe doing laundry. Or not.

    I had rotator cuff issues a year ago. It hurts! I did PT that really didn’t seem to make it better, but 6 mos after it just went away. I have no idea why it showed up or where it went, but good riddance.

    I think maybe I read the book that the musical Waitress is based on. If there was a book. Maybe.

  5. Safe travels Ann. Whomever you are speaking to, will benefit. And that, is a very good use of your strength.

  6. You matter to me, others and the world Ann❣️ May sharing what you love, and what strengthens others, bring you strength.

  7. When I see the phrase “Dreamers welcome” I feel stronger. One way to summon my own strength is to be wanted. Somehow knowing we make a difference makes us all stronger.

  8. I tried to summon my strength but it was hidden under a pile of pillows, so I couldn’t

  9. I take a deep breath and get on with it – doesn’t always work 🙂

  10. For a second, I thought that photo of you and your friend smiling was taken in a very fancy airplane on your way to Houston. 🙂

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    • I am summoning the strength to write that I do not approve of comments soliciting visits to marketing websites.

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