Day 1881: So much to love about —

There’s so much to love about my co-worker Juli, who offered me this Rice Krispies treat yesterday.


So much to love about —

  • Rice Krispies treats,
  • Generous people,
  • The world,


  • Bunnies,






  • Dogs,



  • Life,
  • Stories,


  • Writing,
  • Singing,
  • Balloons,


  • Birthdays,
  • My son Aaron, who turned 20 yesterday,
  • Memories of past birthdays,

Young Aaron

  • Comments on this blog,
  • Everyone who helped me create today’s post,
  • You, and
  • Thanks!


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23 thoughts on “Day 1881: So much to love about —

  1. Learning how to write

  2. Good writing past

  3. So much to love about my mum and dad.
    I Do Thee Shine

    When I was little and young.

    “Your heart will always shine” Said Mum.

    When I grew up, a know-all teenager.

    Head strong, and an all-night rager.

    “Your love of life will shine through” Said Dad.

    Later on I married, so happy and glad.

    Suddenly, one spring, MS touched her bad.

    The shining dulled and time turned sad.

    Dad said, “Your heart shone through”.

    And Mum said, “Her Star will always shine on you”.

    My Star, my Dad and Mum, you are my spine.

    For you, I do thee shine.

  4. Sad but good poem

  5. So much to love about starting this Saturday with seeing but not eating a Rice Krispies treat, Ann!

  6. lifeinkarolingston

    So much to love about – this post! 😊 All the best.

  7. Aaron was so talented at 11! He must be even more amazing now. Of course! Happy birthday to the birthday boy. A young son you have. Mine is 43, grandkids 13, 16 and 18! Of course I’m a few years older than you (66)! 😉

  8. Barb C

    that video is great!!

  9. Happy birthday to Aaron, creator of my favourite misheard lyrics video.

  10. There’s so much to love about sharing. It seems that most things we love are even better when shared.

  11. “Wig and a gnome.” Love that one!

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