Day 1880: What makes this a safe place?

What makes this a safe place?  What makes any place safe?

I ask those questions because without a safe place, it’s difficult to be in the moment, trust, learn, and grow.

Yesterday, in a therapy group, the members discussed many issues, including safe places.


Then people expressed thoughts and feelings about personal safe places.






In the safe place of the group room, I asked myself those two questions  — What makes this a safe place?  How can I express that in 20 minutes? — because I’ll be presenting about my groups next week in the safe place of a group therapy conference in Houston.

I hope this is a safe place for you to describe what makes a place safe for you.

In the news, people are discussing whether guns make a place safe.

Parents and children are challenging politicians to make the United States a safer place.

Gratitude helps make this a safe place, so many thanks to all who helped me create today’s post and — of course! — to YOU.





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18 thoughts on “Day 1880: What makes this a safe place?

  1. Yes, Ann, I have to agree with Derrick’s thought above. Respect makes it a safe place. For one and all.

  2. The general humanity and friendship I feel, here in my safe haven of Geelong..

  3. I don’t know that there really is such a thing as a safe place anymore. Not safe to express your opinion, not safe to sit in a classroom, not safe to hike alone on a trail, not safe to drive our freeways, not safe to ride in a train. The whole gun thing is so complicated and so run by big money that it will be difficult to make a difference, but I trust that a difference can, indeed, be made with enough loud voices. On the other hand, everybody needs to listen to the other side in order to meet in the middle at some sort of compromise solution.

  4. I’ve been reading a book by Idries Shah, who was born to Afghan parents but spent most of his life living in England and traveling. He shares an Afghan expression: “Who seeks, finds.” I think we can create safe spaces by seeking safe spaces.

  5. I associate ‘safe’ with people, not place. If I had to say ‘a’ place it always has someone there.

  6. A bank I use has started to post an armed guard outside. I’ve let the bank manager know that I feel less safe there.

  7. Generally has a cat.

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