Day 1879: Do it right!

Yesterday, when I was doing it right with Physical Therapy for my torn rotator cuff,  I  right away noticed this ….


…. which was right on the top of this.


Do it right and prevent fractures, injuries, and other problems in your everyday activities.

Is that too much pressure, to be told to do it right?  Is telling somebody to do it right the right way to promote acceptance and peace, especially if different people have different opinions about what’s right and how to do it right?

My opinion is that these high school students were doing it right yesterday when they were taking it to the streets, chanting “Gun Control!” and “NRA is not okay!”


The New England weather wasn’t doing winter right yesterday with record high temperatures, but that was all right with me.

Did I do it right with these other photographs?








Somebody did not do it right in that last photo.

After I do something, I wonder, “Did I do it right?”  I do it right by telling myself I did it well enough and then think about how I could do it better the next time.

The Doobie Brothers do it right.

Michael McDonald  and music students do it right at Berklee College of Music‘s 2011 commencement.

Do I do it right when I ask for feedback?


Do-it-right thanks to all who help me do this daily blog and to those who do it right by reading it (including YOU).


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16 thoughts on “Day 1879: Do it right!

  1. Right on, Ann!

  2. Do what’s right for you, always, Ann ❣️

  3. If you do something to the best of your ability then you did it right.

  4. In the final chapter of A History Of The World In 10 & ½ Chapters a man in Heaven has his life reviewed and is told that he’s “all right”. He’s a bit put off because he expects something more, but being all right is a fine thing.
    A lot of people in the gun-control debate argue that since we can’t stop all gun-related violence we shouldn’t try anything at all. I hope we can shift the debate and act, I hope the time has finally come to try something because there are a lot of kids who deserve a chance to be all right here and now.

  5. How on earth any student in America is going to be able to study right when so occupied with security goodness knows

  6. I have had a friend visiting and we were on the National Mall yesterday and saw a demonstrations that was quite large and heading for the White House. Yay to those kids. And Yay! to you for being in physical therapy doing it right!

  7. I am certain that I think in terms of “right” more than I might if I stopped and thought about it, but I DO like things to line up with the way I see them–and that’s, of course, always right! ! LOL! As for these students, I wish I could hug each one of them and let them know how much admiration I have for them. They give me hope for the future, and for that, they’re doing something right. 🙂

  8. Do The Right Thing is one of my favourite movies. You always do it right 🙂

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