Day 1878: What does P.T. stand for?

P.T. stands for Physical Therapy for Partially Torn rotator cuffs, like mine.

P.T. also stands for the Painkiller Tramadol, Perhaps Taken Prior to Therapy Proceeding Today.

What else does P.T. stand for?

Photos Taken!

Psychotherapy Themes, Projected Thusly:


Positive Therapy:




Podiatric Therapy:


Posted Tips:



Perfectionism Tempered:


Panoramic Tableau:


Prepared Treats for Pescatarian Tastes:



P.T. also stands for President Trump and Piano Tickler Paul Tobey Playing This Peanuts Theme.

Personal Thoughts?  Please Transcribe.

Passionate Thanks to Paul Tobey and Primarily To People Taking Precious Time to Perceptively Try this P.T. Post Today (including YOU).


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27 thoughts on “Day 1878: What does P.T. stand for?

  1. At the Present Time I would like to wish you good luck in PT and hope you are feeling a bit better. 🙂

  2. My Psychology Therapist, Sushmitam, was certainly a Perfect Thinker, with gentle Persuasive Tactics and Pleasant Traits.

  3. May you receive Productive Treatment

  4. May you Transcend Pain and have your world flipped, Ann, with a healing cuff rotated toward ease of movement.

  5. Such Pleasurable Topics Ann. 💛

  6. Mary

    Sending Positive Thoughts your way today and always!

  7. PT Barnum. Perhaps The greatest showman. Life’s still the greatest show on earth. My wife is in PT for a broken wrist so we know what it’s like, and sending some PT mantras your way. Just think, your shoulder will become the windmill at the center of the universe. Probably True.

  8. I really like the idea of a Concern Citizen. We should all audition for that role.

  9. PS.Your supper looks Pretty Tasty!

  10. P.T. also stands for Phineas Taylor. While admittedly flawed Mr. Barnum never really did say “There’s a sucker born every minute” since he preferred eloquence over vulgarity. He also had his local newspaper print his obituary a week before his death so he could have the pleasure of reading it.
    In that I think he set the ideal example of how we should all face The Great Egress.

  11. It can stand for “poor taste” which this blog isn’t
    It can stand for “pinky toes” which we all have
    It can stand for “problem teeth” which far too many people have
    It can stand for “pain today” which I have pretty much every day

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  13. PainKillerGuy

    Nice article.. Please do read mine too!!

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