Day 1877: Save a life

Yesterday, when I was saving my own life by taking a healing walk near the ocean, I noticed this sign:


I saved that photo because I think we need to save ourselves and each other,  one life at a time.

I’ve saved this saying in my heart:

Whoever saves one life, saves the world entire.


I will do my best to save a life today by

  • driving carefully,
  • doing my work,
  • taking care of myself,
  • taking care of others, and
  • contributing to save-a-life causes like Everytown for Gun Safety.

How might you save a life today?

Many thanks to all who care about saving lives and — of course!  — to YOU.


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25 thoughts on “Day 1877: Save a life

  1. By reading this post and being mindful of what I can do for others, and myself.

  2. lifeinkarolingston

    Smiling to people around. Maybe somebody need it 😊 Thanks for this post! 😊

  3. I’ll be my careful, respecful self, Ann. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. Looking out for others and sending them love and light. Can you feel it Ann 💕

  5. Last week my sister went in for open heart surgery (second time) to replace the valve they’d put in last time. In November, my eldest daughter and I went with her to the surgeon to support her — she wanted the non-invasive surgery but decided on the open heart when my daughter and I asked the right questions of the surgeon for her to make her decision knowing she had all the information. When they opened her up on Wednesday, they discovered her aorta was paper thin and could have ruptured at any time — couldn’t believe it hadn’t yet — and told her husband that had they done the Tavi implant, it would have ruptured the minute they began the surgery — and she would have died. If my daughter and I hadn’t been with her, she may have made the other decision in her desire to avoid open heart surgery — we helped save her life. It feels wonderful!

    So…in answer to your question.. I shall ask questions and seek clarity so that others can find their path. ❤

  6. To save your own life, to save the world, sometimes you have to read all the words that have been scripted for you with your heartbeat, and then sing them your own way

  7. Given the opportunity I’d give it my best effort; in the meantime be as kind as I can

  8. I think, just like oxygen on a plane, it’s important to save yourself before you can save others.

  9. In many neighborhoods I see signs that say, “Drive like your kids live here.” And while I always think that’s a reasonable request My own kids have four legs, but I drive like their kids’ lives matter to me, which they do, and which, of course, is the intent. It takes a village to raise a child, and a village to protect a child too, and knowing that can save a life, or many.

  10. This post made me think of all the amazing people who risk their lives to help and save others

  11. Yes. Saving my own life with exercise as well. No matter where I am- geographically or within- it’s what makes everything ok. Starting there and then just being present for my people and being kind to strangers, remembering to treat everyone equally, best I can.

  12. What a plan!

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