Day 1876: How man learned

Yesterday, I saw a greeting card with a caption about how man learned.


I thought it showed how man learned to golf, but it showed how man learned to do something else.


How Ann learned to blog includes noticing messages from the universe and riffing on them. I’m now imagining future documentation of how man learned to

  • accept others,
  • prevent bloodshed,
  • let go of fear,
  • recognize and reframe cognitive distortions,
  • love,
  • heal,
  • speak up,
  • tell the truth, and
  • do the right thing.

I learned a long time ago how to take photos and trust they would work in the next day’s post.











How my man Michael learned to cook is a long story, but I’m glad he did.

How man learns to play the piano, by Jon Batiste:

How Ann learned to thank everybody who helped create today’s post and — of course! — YOU:


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21 thoughts on “Day 1876: How man learned

  1. I would love to hear your man Michael tell the story of how he learned to cook. And I loved reading about how you learned to blog, and all the other things you learned while blogging, these past few years.

  2. I’m glad you learned how to blog daily, Ann.

  3. A Bob Dylan song, expresses my confused thoughts

  4. I love the Manatea!!! Have a great day Ann

  5. Some in powerful positions have never learned your list

  6. Who knew piano was so easy to play? 🙂

  7. A lesson we should all learn when young is that knowledge comes with age and experience. I learned that from someone very knowledgeable.

  8. If that first card was in Scotland, it would be about how man learned to play golf 🙃 Thank you for your How refections today!

  9. Learning is good when we stop learning we die, just a thought

  10. I wish I could stop swearing. At one point I broke myself from it, but it came back to easily, and honest to Pete, it’s hard to find words that emotionally fill in as well as a well-placed cussword. I guess this means I can’t play golf.

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