Day 1874: The Year of the Dog

Three hundred and sixty-nine days ago (but who’s counting?),  I wrote Day 1505: The Year of the ______.  In that post, I hoped that 2017 would be, among other things, The Year of the Water View.


And it was!  That water view helped me deal with many things in 2017, which was The Year of the Cock/Rooster/Bird.

Yesterday, in honor of the first day of The Year of the Dog, I did a special mindfulness exercise in my therapy group. I asked people to focus on images and memories of dogs.  Even though I’m a cat person, I found that mindfulness exercise very helpful, relaxing, and soothing.

Vivian, the Social Work intern who helps me facilitate that group, texted me this photo afterwards:


I texted back “Oooh!  It’s the year of that!”

I plan to practice mindfulness and look at  more great photos this year, because 2018 is  going to be

  • The Year of the Shoulder Pain and
  • The Second Year of the Trump Administration.

I doggedly hope The Year of the Dog is also

  • The Year of Personal Power.


  • The Year of Dignity.


  • The Year of Beating Heart Disease.



  • The Year of Love.



  • The Year of the Changes for the Better.

As is every year here at The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally,  it’s The Year of the Thanks.



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18 thoughts on “Day 1874: The Year of the Dog

  1. Ellie B is very happy that you are celebrating the arrival of her year, Ann.

  2. 新年快乐. Happy New Year!
    I hope this is the year of more personal power for all compassionate people. A year of great leaps forward in treatments for heart disease and other conditions. And happy cats.

  3. Great questions in your group, Ann 🙂
    Here I celebrate both my dog and my cats daily and I hope, that people will open their eyes to see the animals, as they are and what they need in life. Your beauties are beautiful.

  4. I was born in a Year Of The Dog, but who’s counting? I’ve been adopted by both cats and dogs who’ve even managed to live together without mass hysteria. Here’s a story about that: we had a dog named Baxter, named for cowboy poet Baxter Black. We brought home a kitten named Hugo, named for Victor Hugo. For three days Hugo hissed and spit at Baxter who took all this very patiently. On the third day Hugo flopped on the kitchen floor and put his legs up. Baxter sniffed him then licked his ears.
    They were friends after that.
    There may be a lesson in that.

    • I’ve lost count of how many valuable lessons you’ve shared, Chris. That counts that you were born in the Year of the Dog, because those people are characterized as sincere, reliable, considerate, understanding, patient, intelligent, hardworking, serious, and communicative. Happy New Year, my friend.

  5. Happy New Year!

  6. Dignity would be good

  7. You inspire me.

  8. As I get older the years become Year of Whatever Makes Me Happy! Year of the dogs, roosters…..they all can come and play any year they wish. And I LOVE the Year of the cat…meow, baby!

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