Day 1870: What does CGP stand for?

In my Continuously Generated Posts, I Commonly Get Pleasure out of asking what Certain Generically Positioned initials stand for (like here and here).

For Creative Good Purposes, I’m Collecting General Paraphernalia in Comfortably Graduated Paragraphs of what CGP stands for, including:

#1.  Certified Group Psychotherapist.


#2: Cats Generating Peace.





#3: Cartoons Generously Posted.


#4: Calmingly Great Philosophy.



#5: Cuff Grounded Pictures.



I Completely Grabbed Photographs of the Concrete Ground Passageway where I tripped and tore my rotator cuff two weeks ago, which Caused Great Pain.

#6.  Charming Group Poster.


I’m happy I made it to Certified Group Psychotherapist and I’m happy you made it here (and so is Matt Heaton and the Outside Toys):

Comments, Gentle People?

Citing Gratitude Personally, I’d like to thank everybody who helped me Complete a Genuine Post about CGP today.



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28 thoughts on “Day 1870: What does CGP stand for?

  1. Hmmm, CGP….. a Creative Geelong Poet, … you won’t have any those over your way !!

  2. thegoodlifechronicles

    Haha! 💕

  3. Certainly Genuine Pals we are, Ann.

  4. Cats Generating Passion. Harley, Harley!

  5. Luis Del Castillo

    You always write Continuously Great Posts!

  6. Cosmically Generating Pain-relief through the world wide web. Hope that helps!

  7. Ciao, Good Person!

  8. I’m so glad you’ve received this recognition for your Commitment to Great Performances.

  9. The concrete passageway seems designed to cause people to trip. What a shame.

  10. Congrats, Ann! And how smart of you to get those photos. Feel better soon!

  11. Well done! You’re a Confirmed Good Person! ♥~(‘▽^人)

  12. Gleeful Piece – especially the New Yorker cartoon

  13. I enjoy CGP Grey Podcasts 🙂

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