Day 1865: Abilities

Yesterday, in a therapy session, somebody was talking about her learning disability.   This disability — and  other people’s inability to recognize her strengths when she was younger — has resulted in her disability to see herself as smart enough.  Like most people, she has the ability to compare herself to other people and judge herself “less than.” Because of my ability as a therapist, I invited this person to  look at her ability to learn, understand, and do many things.

Because of my ability for falling on the sidewalk last week and injuring my dominant arm, I am now dealing with (I hope!) temporary disability.  This disability is interfering with my ability to

  • open doors,
  • reach for anything above my waist,
  • wave hello or goodbye, and
  • write on the whiteboard during group therapy sessions.


However, this disability is not interfering in my ability to blog, read, sing, walk, talk, smile, laugh, or listen.

As always, it helps to refocus on abilities.

Orthopedics had no ability to schedule an appointment for me until Friday, so I was not able to get more information about my disability yesterday.  However, I was able  to keep an appointment yesterday with an eye doctor. On the way to that appointment, I saw somebody who had the ability to wear a great hat.


Then, he had the ability to put that hat on my head and take these three photos:

Honestly, I wouldn’t have had the ability to put that hat on my  head without some assistance.

I did have the ability to take one more photo yesterday, in a co-worker’s office.


That cautious co-worker and I have the ability to perform a new version of “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” at a Social Worker party on Friday.   I had the ability to write new words to that song and I have the ability to blog about that, too.

I also have the ability to find, on YouTube, this previous performance of “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” at a social worker party three years ago:


I believe I now have the ability to sing that song with more confidence.

I know you have the ability to leave a comment and I have the ability to thank all who helped me create today’s post.



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22 thoughts on “Day 1865: Abilities

  1. I hope the ability for your shoulder recovery starts soon, Ann.

  2. I’m so sorry you injured your arm, Ann! May your recovery be swift and painless. I once tripped over my cat and slid down the stairs with my left arm over my head, eventually having rotator cuff surgery. Life happens!

  3. Every day I walk by an office where posters of famous people, including Goya and Einstein, are prominently displayed. And they’re labeled “disabled“. And I always think about how great it is that such people were able to make the world so much better in spite of how they were mislabeled. This morning, though, you’ve also prompted me to think about how they did it, how any of us can make the world better. It’s all a matter of finding the right hat, or singing the right song.

  4. Wish you good luck tomorrow and hope, that you will heal fast, Ann.

  5. You look GREAT in that hat! And your smile cheers me.

    Is your new version of The Lion Sleeps Tonight new because you have changed the lyrics or the way you sing the melody?

  6. I hope that you recover your shoulders quickly Ann!!!

  7. Not everyone has the ability to wear that hat with such panache! Good luck with the Doc appointment tomorrow, Ann💛

  8. Here are some people singing with confidence. Good luck Ann!

  9. I love your whiteboard. When your shoulder has healed, can we have a whiteboard day, where we submit stuff and you write it on your board for us?

  10. You certainly had the ability to engage the hat-man

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