Day 1862: How worried should you be?

How worried should you be about yesterday’s  news, which included today’s post title?

How worried should you be about today’s news, which included this headline:

Massive catastrophe may be imminent on Earth

How worried should you be about anything?

How worried should you be if I recommend that you not worry about anything, since worry doesn’t help?

How worried should you be about any of these recent photographs?











How worried should you be about Rob Gronkowski of The New England Patriots?

How worried should you be about your ability to rock?


How worried should you  be about these two rocking versions of “Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a Thing” by Stevie Wonder?

How worried should you be about

  • my forgetting to show the Super Supper Bowl Michael cooked last night (after I promised to do so in yesterday’s post),



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31 thoughts on “Day 1862: How worried should you be?

  1. lifeinkarolingston

    “Don’t worry, be happy” 😊

  2. The grinning chipmunk is kinda worrisome.

  3. I just don’t know, Ann!

  4. Good morning, Ann. Don’t worry about your Pats. They’re an amazing team, but the Eagles (our NY Giants’ rivals) have energized their city after a looooong drought.

  5. So worried was I that I didn’t know about yesterday’s news that I followed the link and found myself looking at stuff about money. That is really worrying

  6. thegoodlifechronicles

    The supper bowl looks amazing haha. Share the recipe for us hungry friends maybe 😉

  7. The bright side of worrying about the news today is it means that yesterday there would still be a tomorrow. I’ll save the worrying for when I’m not around to worry.

  8. My concentration is in the Leo, he is jumping all over me and doing my head in, just so you know

  9. One who is close to God has no need of worry.

  10. That chipmunk is creepy-pants.

    • If you want to see those TWO creepy-pants chipmunks, go to the movie theater at the Hingham Shipyard and check out the kids’ party room. Sometimes I worry about the South Shore.

  11. I live in the vicinity of the Yellowstone super volcano, and the activity there suggests another imminent catastrophe to worry oneself about. I just don’t let these events that haven’t happened and most likely won’t happen in my lifetime. If they do, well, so long and thanks for the better days before! It’s been a good life.

  12. I am more worried than I used to be, but not too worried to notice how delicious Michael’s cooking looks. 🙂

  13. I like your playful perspectives on worrying. Unless worry leads to some sort of action which might help to alleviate the worry/concern (like giving money to a political candidate or volunteering at a local non-profit), I agree that it is useless. Deep breath in. Deep breath out.

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