Day 1852: Please pardon us

Please pardon me for starting yet another blog post with a sign I saw at a hospital.



Please pardon me for wondering why people who are doing good (like building for the future of patient care)   ask for pardon while other people don’t apologize for anything.

“Please pardon us, ” say lots of women every day, including Aidy Bryant in this recent Saturday Night Live segment:

Please pardon us here at The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally for

  • strongly suggesting you watch that video and
  • sharing photos without any explanation.








Please pardon us for not putting that “Time Flies” clock back on the wall after it fell down last week.

Please pardon me for requesting comments and for thanking Tufts Medical Center,  The New Yorker, George Booth, EMDR,  Aidy Bryant, brave voices everywhere, and YOU.


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31 thoughts on “Day 1852: Please pardon us

  1. Pardon me for posting this song, but it’s a good bouncy tune, by New York stater Sean Rowe.

  2. Please pardon us but we’ve been extremely busy.

  3. Please pardon me for not watching the videos. They are blocked in Canada. Sigh!

  4. “Sorry” is a standard English opening

  5. there is so much going on here –

  6. Please pardon me for not watching the video you recommended, but when I clicked on it, it reported that the uploader had not made the video available in my country.

    Are you trying The Voice again??? Tomorrow? Good luck!

  7. thegoodlifechronicles

    Haha! Love Aidy 💕

  8. Everything else went out of my head when I watched that clip. I was unfamiliar with Aidy Bryant before and I hope I can be pardoned for not knowing how funny and amazing she is.

  9. No pardon is necessary when others are put before oneself.

  10. Please pardon me for not focussing on the substance of your blog, but asking “Is that a NEW New Yorker cover???” I love George Booth and those dyspeptic dogs. I would love to think that cover was new. And so appropriate for the zeitgeist. Goodness, and I haven’t even had a cocktail yet this evening!

  11. You are pardoned, not because you have committed an offense but just because

  12. Haven’t been near your blog for a bit. Sorry. Your standard is still great 🙂

  13. You need no pardon from me, Ann.

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