Day 1851: The Unexpected

I didn’t necessarily expect this, but yesterday’s therapy group wanted to focus on “The Unexpected.

I wrote some expected questions about  “The Unexpected” on the white board.


In some groups, it would be unexpected for the group facilitator to answer any of  her own questions (like “What is your personal experience of the unexpected?” “What makes the unexpected more difficult?” “What helps you deal with the unexpected?”)   In my groups, that’s expected.



It might be unexpected that I would change the famous saying “Man Plans, God Laughs” to “Ann Plans, God Laughs,” but, as several people said in the group yesterday,

Expect the unexpected.

I expect the unexpected whenever I check the news. Today, the unexpected news includes the following:

There’s also news today about sexual harassment and abuse of power, but that was not unexpected.

I have one more unexpected photo to show you.


And here‘s Elton John, singing after the unexpected death of Princess Diana in 1997.


I expect you might have some thoughts and feelings about the unexpected.

Is it unexpected that I would thank all who helped me create today’s post and you, too?



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26 thoughts on “Day 1851: The Unexpected

  1. Neil and Elton retiring from touring in the same week was truly unexpected for me, Ann.

  2. There are so many unexpected things happening. I’m thankful for the positive ones. Great post, thank you.

  3. I used to enjoy unexpected things. I love to explore and find unexpected things. I still like to do that, but in the back of my mind, just underneath the enjoyment is the expectation of something bad unexpectedly happening. This is a change in me that happened in 2004 when both parents died unexpectedly. Now I know that unexpected can be bad. So I guess I try not to be surprised or to put myself or others into a position where something unexpectedly bad could happen. Though I know that’s a futile expectation.

    • I would expect your reactions from somebody who has experienced unexpected, major losses. I love that you commented, Dawn. ❤

  4. I always expect the unexpected when I come here Ann, and I am never disappointed.

    Something I do expect, and is always present when I come here, is to smile and feel grateful for this connection.

  5. When I passed a maths exam with full marks that was totally unexpected – even by the master, who announced it with suitable amazement.

  6. You’re probably expecting this.

  7. Love your pics. But that’s not unexpected. I love how you come up with topics!

  8. I did not expect Elton John to find true love, marry and have two kids so late in life, but I’m so glad he did. 🙂

  9. I agree the unexpected will always be there, although ‘always’ is an absolutist word. “Planning” may work for a while though, but eventually reaches the “unexpected”, but I see it as a “refresher” of ideas, not that it’s easy to confront, however.

  10. So many great Elton songs. My favourite is Can you feel the love tonight

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