Day 1850: What fresh hell is this?

“What fresh hell is this?” is

  • a book about the writer, wit, and self-proclaimed “wisecracker” Dorothy Parker,
  • a variation of a phrase Dorothy Parker would say when her doorbell rang (“What fresh hell can this be?”),
  • something I’ve considered using for a voicemail greeting, and
  • a thought I often have when I check the news.

Because I was dealing with so many fresh hells yesterday, I have only two fresh photos today.



Some people consider their birthdays a fresh hell, or at least a fresh realization that they’re growing old. I don’t see my birthday — February 2 — as a fresh hell. I see each birthday as a fresh start.

Here are some fresh ideas about how to cope with fresh hells:

  • Share your fresh hells with people you trust.
  • Try on a fresh perspective.
  • Raise hell by taking one fresh step.
  • Eat some fresh food.
  • Get some re-fresh-ing sleep.
  • Make a fresh comment on somebody’s fresh blog.

How do you deal with fresh hells?

There are a lot of hellish fresh hells on YouTube, but I’m choosing “What Fresh Hell is This?” by Gilbert Neal.

Fresh thanks to all who helped me create today’s fresh hell of a post and — of course! — to YOU.


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29 thoughts on “Day 1850: What fresh hell is this?

  1. I didn’t know Ann but “all the hells of yesterday are resolved cases of tomorrow” step by step and with balance!!!

  2. Blogging is a good fresh-hell-antidote. And friends. And singing.

  3. You’re very fresh today, Ann!

  4. I think I prefer fresh hell to old and rotten hell … 👀

  5. What fresh hell is this now?

  6. Wow, fresh hell 💀! Seems there’s more of it every damn day! 🤯 Love the heart of happy people!. ❤️

  7. Because I’m an optimist I always think, well, at least it’s a fresh hell, which I realize is a bit like the Chinese buffet joke in which one person says, “This food is terrible,” and the other says, “Yes, but at least there’s a lot of it.”

    • This freshly reminds me of another joke, Chris, from the comedy album “You Don’t Have to Be Jewish.”

      “The food here is terrible.”
      “Yes, and such small portions!”

  8. Might be good for scam phone calls

  9. Hi Ann, It’s 2.30am here down under, and I’m still blogging away, wondering now, what “fresh hell awaits me now” as I battle my sleep demons tonight.

  10. I love Derrick’s comment. I may say that to the next spam caller. I have always liked this comment since I heard it. Lately, more often than not, I too apply it to the news…

  11. I’ve never heard of National Wear Red Day, or if I have (owing to your having mentioned it in previous years), I’ve forgotten. I’m not sure we have that in Canada, but I will try to find something red to wear that day anyway. A great idea!

  12. thegoodlifechronicles

    Always love a witty post.

  13. I must say I’ve never heard of that phrase, but perhaps I’ll pick it up! For its all some kind of hell out there! (when it’s not heaven, that is…)

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