Day 1849: Complications

Even though we all encounter complications every day, I’ve never written a “Complications” post before.

When I was dealing with complications at work yesterday, I drank some tea and saw this simple advice about complications:


I’ve been working on simplicity in my life, but complications haven’t totally left. Indeed, since we gave away many of our possessions and moved to the South Shore of Boston, I’ve been encountering complications finding things I think I need. It dawns on me that this might be a complication of simplicity.

Too complicated?  Let’s move to the simplicity of the other two photos I took yesterday, and see if there are any complications.



I see several complications there, my fellow humans.  Do you?

More complications:  When I was complicating my life last weekend going down internet rabbit holes, I found and took a personality disorder inventory test.   There can be complications when you take personality tests without a professional to interpret the results, so use those tests with caution.  I know I don’t have a personality disorder, but my highest score on that test was on the schizotypal scale, which is a measurement of “social anxiety, thought disorder, paranoid ideation,  derealization, transient psychosis, and other unconventional beliefs.” With the complications in the world today,  I do have some social anxiety, disordered thoughts, paranoid ideation, derealization, and transient psychosis, usually after I listen to the news.  However, I believe those reactions are not that unconventional, these days.

Here‘s “Complications” by Killing Joke:

I’m looking forward to complications in comments, below.

Uncomplicated thanks to all who helped me create this “Complications” post and — of course! — to YOU.


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33 thoughts on “Day 1849: Complications

  1. Simply put. life is too complicated.

  2. Nice post Ann and I’m not going to give you more complications 🙂

  3. I can only imagine what I would find if I took that test. (Shudder!)

  4. Our world seems to have become so complicated we must attempt to simplify what we can Ann. Moving to the shore sounds like a perfect step for simplifying!

  5. Let’s keep going on being human, Ann.

  6. We seem to governments that want to make things more complicated, we originally only started with 10 Commandments, all governments rules and regulations wouldn’t even fit in 10 Bibles.

  7. I suppose there are complications from time to time.

  8. Nothing complicated about it when like the goats, I don’t take myself, or life, too seriously.

    And that Dr. Planet to Earth photos is simple to understand — complicated to fix though! 🙂

  9. We live in a world of unconventional problems. There are conventional problems too, but for those the solutions are pretty straightforward. Given all the unconventional problems, though, I’d say that unconventional beliefs are not a bug. They’re a feature.

    • “It’s not a bug, it’s a feature” was one of my favorite phrases when I worked in high tech. Thank you for another unconventionally awesome comment, Chris.

  10. Complications Rule, but where would we be without them?

  11. Harley, get off that table, an unforeseen complication indeed…

  12. Life is complicated but complicated is better then dead

  13. There’s nothing simple about what’s going on in the world these days, and I think staying abreast of the issues of today isn’t improving my mental health, that’s for sure. I have to work harder and harder to “de-stressify.” I loved your comments in this post, Ann. I, too, seek simplicity and voice that concern often. Sometimes I actually feel like we’re living it…and then I wake up. LOL!

  14. I meant to leave this link on the day you published it, but my life had some complications. “Complications” by Steve Forbert

  15. Great choice. My first thought was Avril Lavigne Complicated

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