Day 1848: Every day is a gift.

Yesterday (which was a gift), I saw this reminder that every day is a gift.


That cat seems surprised and/or skeptical that every day is a gift. How can we convince those who don’t believe it  (including ourselves, sometimes)  that every day is a gift?

I shall attempt to prove that yesterday was a gift with the gift of these photos (one of which was taken by Anna Reed for The Statesman-Journal of Salem, Oregon).













I must ask you a question: Did you notice the sign from the Women’s March in Oregon that said, “IM NOT USUALLY A SIGN PERSON BUT GEEZ!”? I think that’s a gift and a good sign, every day.

Yesterday was also a gift because we heard music performed by the Arneis Quartet.

This gifted string quartet played pieces by Beethoven and Hayden. I asked Michael if we should take our cat Harley to the concert because “Harley likes hidin.”  I hope you like the gift of that pun.

Every comment from you, every day, is a gift.

Every day is a gift, so I express my gratitude to all, including YOU!



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26 thoughts on “Day 1848: Every day is a gift.

  1. lifeinkarolingston

    And you are right because every day is a gift! 😊

  2. Every day is indeed a gift. Every one I shared with my Mum was precious.

  3. Yesterday I danced to the Big D Orchestra performing a wonderful rendition of Little Feat’s “Dixie Chicken,” Ann, while I was at work. And it was a free show for everybody there, a true gift of a day.

  4. Love your puns.

    What kind of birds are those on the roof? Are they crows? Is there a visual pun intended there, as in “Here’s something to crow about” or “This is for the birds”?

    When you came Bach from the concert, was Harley still Haydin?

  5. Steve Allen said that comedians aren’t people to whom funny things happen; they’re people who see ordinary things in a funny way. The same is true of each day being a gift: all we have to do to make it happen is see each day in a funny way.

  6. “Harley likes hidden” Good one Ann. A free concert and the freedom to peacefully protest are definite ‘gifts’.

  7. Yes it is a gift and we need to appreciate it

  8. Great minds Ann! We both blogged about appreciation of the day. I toast you! 🙂

  9. Harley likes hidin with me!

  10. This blog is a gift, and I too loved that no-sign-person sign! Btw, the striped notebook word “ScHemES baffled me. I thought it was Yiddish and I was trying to figure out how to translate and pronounce it. Duh!

  11. Here are the opening lines of my post of 7th July 2012, ‘Well, I’ve made this milestone. I believe the psalms, from which this title is taken, suggest it’s all downhill from now. I shall regard every day as a bonus.’

  12. Your posts are a gift every day Ann! Thank you for the fun reminder to not take each day for granted 💛

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