Day 1845: I should have known better

#1 on my personal list of what doesn’t help is telling myself “I should have known better.”


At this point in my life, I should know better than to tell myself “I should have known better.”  Nevertheless, I’ve been telling myself “I should have known better” a lot lately, even though it doesn’t help.

What would be better than telling myself “I should have known better”?

Self-forgiveness, acceptance of what is, and identifying  achievable and helpful next steps.

Therefore, I forgive myself, accept what is, and identify these achievable and helpful next steps:

#1.  Include my other photos from yesterday.




#2. Share some music (which should be here and here on YouTube).

#3.  Express gratitude to all who helped me create this should-have-known-better post and  to you!


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19 thoughts on “Day 1845: I should have known better

  1. Some of us are trained to criticise ourselves

  2. We do our best, Ann, even the Livingston Talor sign-maker.

  3. Livingston Taylor, I presume? Although I do have a tendency to dwell on things I try to take mistakes as reminders to do better. As long as there’s a future there’s a chance to improve, or even to undo past mistakes.

  4. “I should have known better” is in the same vein as “You of all people…” Does no good, feels lousy, and is a waste of precious time and energy! Great post!

  5. I especially like “Happiness is an art of living, which is in us.” My wife and I will be living in a tent for the months of February and March. I’d deleted my blogs so I started a new one to chronicle the experience. So far, it’s already helped us simplify our life. We’ve gotten rid of a lot of things we did not use and, by April, we’ll have reduced our monthly living expenses by 4000 dollars a year simply by eliminating or reconfiguring services that we don’t use.

  6. I should’ve known better than to call Harley, I should have Facetimed him!

  7. Ah well, we all make mistakes. I should have known better always seems a form of regret. And regret can be useless unless you take it as a lesson.

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