Day 1844: Everlasting impact

We don’t know how long the impact of any deed, word, or moment will last, including this one:


Sometimes, I fear that a mistake — like a “wrong” decision — will have everlasting impact. I also hope that compassionate, kind, and loving actions will have everlasting impact.

I believe that people can fear AND hope for everlasting impact.

I wonder how long the impact of these seemingly random photos will last?






Lasting readers of this blog might know that I’m someone who loves tea, my work, and  macaroni and cheese. Yesterday, one of my patients brought me A LOT of macaroni and cheese.


I wonder how long that will last?

Here’s music with “lasting impact”:


If you make noise, here or elsewhere, it will have an impact.

Everlasting thanks to all who helped make an impact on today’s blog and — of course! — to YOU.


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19 thoughts on “Day 1844: Everlasting impact

  1. That placemat makes such a perfect place to curl up and I suppose will have an impact on your not being able to sit down to breakfast 🙂

  2. Everlasting sure is a long time, Ann. Any impact these days is pretty good, is some situations.

  3. Maybe an Everlasting Love!

  4. Your everlasting and impactful blog today makes me think. I do believe we can both have fear and hope at the same time. One will usually win out, so I’m rooting for hope!

  5. Boundless and eternal is what love is all about. Thank you for this timeless post Ann 💛

  6. The pictures you choose may seem random but they also seem chosen to convey an idea, both individually and together, like the notes in a piece of music.

  7. Love this caption, “Everlasting Impact with compassion and kindness is called love”, I suppose that’s why I was always given a “Everlasting Smile”

  8. It had not quite been love at first sight, because we had met at a party the week before. However, one word, more than fifty years ago, is my lasting impact moment. Jackie and I sat on a bench in St James’s Park, Westminster. A pigeon pecked at a discarded boiled egg. Simultaneously we both said: “Cannibal”.

    • Thanks for the everlasting impact of this wonderful story, Derrick. I’m so glad you and Jackie found your lasting love.

  9. I like that patient!

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