Day 1841: Today

Today is Martin Luther King Day in the United States.

How to honor Martin Luther King, today?

Two years ago, I wrote about the void left by his death and tried to fill that void with quotes from him.

Today, I want to spend  MLK Day contemplating his dream …

… and what is happening to his dream today.

I’m noticing that two of my recent photos are relevant today.


I think that those who miss the boat on respectfully coexisting with others who are different from them are dinosaurs.  I’ve got to believe they’ll become extinct. Not today, but someday.


Today, as always, I end my post with gratitude. Today, it’s evermore thanks to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and to you.



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16 thoughts on “Day 1841: Today

  1. Thank you for the reminder of Dr. King’s great speech. As I think about ways to honor his memory and carry on his legacy I’m reminded that he said, “The arc of the moral universe is long but it curves toward justice,” an adaptation of something first said by a 19th century abolitionist. I believe Dr. King said that with the understanding that the curve toward justice is not given but rather something we must make happen. It’s no accident that the civil rights movement began in earnest after World War II, which gave thousands of African Americans access to education and economic opportunities they’d been denied. All too often a catalyst is needed to prompt change, but we can take heart that, historically, those changes have curved toward justice.

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  3. The Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial grounds around the Mall inspired me a few years ago, Ann. Let’s all dream of the best us.

  4. I have a dream, and that is that I read a blog like this one today!

  5. I wonder if he could have realised how so many years after his death people around the world would know who he was and his famous speach

  6. As an Australian, there’s not much I can add today, but maybe send you this very beautiful and poignant song by Xavier Rudd, “Creating A Dream”

  7. Happy Martin Luther King day, Ann. It is nice to be reminded of good people.

  8. I appreciate seeing a post paying homage to this incredible human. Now, more than ever, I think our society needs to incorporate his vision into our daily practices. Here is my tribute to MLK.

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