Day 1838: Holes

I see that holes are in the news this morning. Sad.  That’s why I’m reusing “Holes” as a blog title.

Here’s my first thought about holes, here and now:

Anybody who uses the word sh*thole to label an entire country is an *sshole.

Do you see any holes in my logic there?

Let’s fill the holes in this blog post with some photos, shall we?


To fill the holes of judgment and negativity with some goodness, compassion, and forgiveness, I’ll say that *sshole is a common label for somebody with a personality disorder.


Then why did I use the word *sshole above?  Out of anger and fear. Anger and fear can  feel like holes in the heart.


That heart-shaped cookie filled a hole in my stomach last night, after a therapy group where people talked about filling the holes in their lives with compassion, connections,  and helpful activities.

I’m sharing a song by Hole today, because I hope we’ll Live Through This.


Thanks to all the holes that helped me create today’s post and — of course! — to YOU.



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38 thoughts on “Day 1838: Holes

  1. Holy cow, I exclaimed again this morning, Ann.

  2. Thank you!
    I like Hole and Kurt,

  3. “…but the President says it!” How many mothers and fathers correct a young child today only to hear those sad words?

    Among those nations in the definition is Haiti, which observes the eighth anniversary today of that tragic 2008 earthquake that cost 220,000+ deaths and over 300,000 wounded. Poor government and limited resources leave that country on the bottom economically, but the people are great. They are resilient, proud, tough, and worthy immigrants when they chose or circumstances cause them to move to America. But to call their country a nasty word does nothing but show the world we have an ignorant, mean-spirited, racist president who has no insight or understanding of how diversity is what makes this country great. Skin color, origin, or religion does not limit the value of these immigrants, and we are honored by their desire to join us in this country despite this president!

    Further, most of us came to be Americans by either being descendants of people from other countries or being immigrants. To insult one group is to insult us all. America stands for equality for all, for a chance to succeed in a new land. Trump forgets he, too, is the descendant of a Scottish-born mother and a German great grandfather (or was it grand father?) who came to America as a 16-year-old with no skills but a will to succeed. At various times, even the “white” countries of Europe would fit the definition of that word, and when they were, people of those countries came to America with little more than a will to find a better life in a new land.

  4. Incidentally, the FCC standard for words allowed on television has been violated numerous times because, as a reporter on MSNBC just noted, “…the President said it!” So many women speaking the word on the television since last night…!

  5. I love your song choice! This will help us through for sure. Thanks!

  6. One thing travel has taught me is every place has something great about it, and that there are great people everywhere. If the current occupant of the White House doesn’t see that the problem is not those places. The problem is him.

  7. We surely live in interesting times! I support your logic, Ann. No holes there!

  8. Well said Ann ❣️
    p.s. Im glad he cancelled his trip to the UK. What a global leadership fiasco, as well as catalyst for violence it would have been!

  9. Well it certainly has created a stormy response all over the media. I’ve never heard so many bleeps on TV as I have today. Your description is perfect and of course now he denies saying it. Oh, brother!!!!!!!!

  10. Well sitting here on my hole, I enjoyed reading your whole article about a hole, and all the comments about a hole have been whole-somely good… And it’s about time a hole realised he’ll just finish up in a hole like all the whole rest of us……

  11. Some holes are good like the hole one digs to plant a tree, some holes like potholes in a road are not so good and we all know some assholes though which is part of life

  12. Holes. Sometimes *ssholes are just jerks. Of course, there are sinkholes as well, which we want to avoid but it would be okay if certain people fell in them. Irretrievably. But then those thoughts are sinkholes of the soul, so…deep breath…

  13. That’s one borehole who should be a chuckhole

  14. I thought you were talking about holes in the ground from the mudslides here in California. I want to say more but I can think of nothing good to say about the President’s utterances so I won’t speak on that. I’ve been filling the hole in my heart from family problems by eating cream filled donuts and diet dr. pepper. We will get through this.

    • I thought about those mudslide holes too, Elva. I do believe we’ll get through this together. Thanks for the sweet comment.

  15. I’ve been out of the hole for years…

  16. We must rise above all of the ***holes out there! LOVE this post, it was the perfect remedy for the hole in my heart.

  17. love that heart shaped cookie!

  18. hello ann koplow its dennis the vizsla dog hay holes!!! i dig them!!! but i am not a fan of sum of the sentenses wot the wurd holes has been yoozed in laytly if yoo no wot i meen!!! ok bye

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