Day 1835: Different ways to say things


Although we can get in a rut about how we express ourselves, there are many different ways to say things.

For example, somebody in therapy yesterday wanted to set limits with a intrusive co-worker. Her first impulse was to say “Get Out of My Face!” Because that might be experienced as unprofessional, we made a list other ways to say that.




Now I’m trying to think of a different way to say some of the same things I wrote in yesterday’s post:

  2. Here are my other photos from yesterday:





There are different ways to say “Happy Birthday” to Elvis.  Here‘s one of them:

There are different ways to make comments. I look forward to reading yours later.

There are different ways to express gratitude to all who helped me create this post and to YOU. Here’s one of them:


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20 thoughts on “Day 1835: Different ways to say things

  1. Short answers could work, Ann, in the place of snarky or worse answers.

  2. I can’t exactly explain why, but I’m reminded of a poem by Vladimir Mayakovsky about the time he disturbed the sun, and now I can’t shake the desire to quote part of it here. There’s something disturbing about it, but it also speaks to how productive disturbances can be.

    I yelled to the sun:
    ‘Hey, wait there!
    Listen, golden brightbrow,
    instead of vainly
    setting in the air,
    have tea with me
    right now!’
    What have I done!
    For ruin I’m heading!
    To me,
    of his own goodwill,
    the sun himself,
    ray-strides outspreading,
    is marching over the hill.
    Not wanting to show him I’m afraid-
    back I retreat, guardedly.
    Now his eyes lighten the garden shade.
    He’s actually in the garden now.
    Through windows,
    crannies he spread;
    in flooded a sunny mass,
    having burst in
    he drew his breath,
    and spoke in a deep bass.
    ‘I’ve withheld my fires you see
    the first time since creation began.
    You’ve invited me?
    So lay out the tea,
    and, poet, lay on the jam!’

  3. Sometimes the simplest way to say something is the best!

  4. Having prepared courteous responses makes a huge difference in work colleague relationships. I’m working on the home front now 😉

  5. Hmm, Ann, why do you think you are oversleeping? Is it because you feel so cozy in bed and it is so cold outside? Or are you burning the candle at both ends, maybe singing at a jazz bar in the evenings?

  6. A Different ways of saying things is Thank You for these suggestions!

  7. I used to advise people locked into conflict and repeating the same phrases to find a different way of saying things

  8. 🙂🙂🙂🙂✌️👌💜

  9. That was supposed to be a comment on the next day’s blog post, Ann. It may have made sense there. But I glitched up!

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