Day 1833: New Lows

Let’s see what new lows I can achieve in today’s post, shall we?

The temperatures in the Boston area have reached new lows, here and now.  It’s MINUS 5 degrees F, without the windchill factor.

I’ve experienced a lot of lows in the almost sixty-five years I’ve lived here, but that’s a new low for me.

Speaking of new lows, I’d say that the U.S. President achieved new lows in his tweeting yesterday when he described himself as a “very stable genius” and “being, like, really smart.”

I’m afraid to check the news for new lows, so instead I’ll look for new lows in yesterday’s photos.







Nobody wanted to play Coda with me yesterday, including Oscar, which was another new low. Earlier in the day, I reached new lows playing Othello with my son, when Aaron DESTROYED me, twice.

I guess I’m not the very stable genius I thought I was or, like, really smart.

Let’s see what new lows I can find on YouTube.


For new lows in new comments,  please go below.

Was it a new low for me to stock up on thanks the last time I ventured out, when the temperatures weren’t quite so low?




Thanks to Aaron, Oscar, Middle Class Rut, and everyone else who helped me reach the new lows in today’s post and thanks  — of course! — to YOU.


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26 thoughts on “Day 1833: New Lows

  1. In warning of pollution-induced weather change decades ago, the description was “climatic instability,” not “global warming” alone. Yes, the warming trend is happening at a frightening rate, but so’s this other stuff. I’m so happy our pipes haven’t frozen where I live an hour north of you, but this stretch is the worst I’ve seen in my 30 years in New Hampshire. Add to that the hurricanes, etc. Lows, indeed.
    Stay warm and well …

  2. Stay warm Ann – and don’t go more low…

  3. The President’s tweets reach a new low every day – the very opposite of your posts, Ann!

  4. Your striking points make me NOT want to ask the time-honored question, Ann, of: How low can we go?

  5. when they go low- we go high! Hope there are more highs in your day today than lows Ann!

  6. Like, how low can he go? He dips low even up here north of the 49th.

    That song made me feel low and high! — I don’t know how you find them but this song is not a new low! The lyrics are amazing — the visuals are disturbingly low!

    Stay warm Ann!

  7. Can you imagine announcing to the world (via Twitter no less) how smart and stable you are? It feels like a really bad dream, all of it. Let’s hope we’ve seen the bottom and it’s all behind us. Cheers!

  8. You’ve reminded me of an expression my friends and I used when I was a kid: “a new high in lows”. In spite of many more highs in lows to come I’m glad you’re here reminding us of the art of happiness.

  9. May we all have more highs than lows this year!!! And NOT new highs in lows…

  10. New lows only make go higher!

  11. I’m not slow enough to read Trump’s lows

  12. Feeling rather low today, I enjoyed your post.

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