Day 1830: Non-disparagement agreement

Today, I’m waking up to news about a lawsuit regarding the violation of a non-disparagement agreement between Donald Trump and Steve Bannon.

Please don’t disparage me about this, but I didn’t know that non-disparagement agreements were a thing, much less legally enforceable.

In five years of writing this daily blog — even without the benefit of having a non-disparagement agreement with my readers — I can’t remember receiving any disparaging comments.  Maybe non-disparagement agreements don’t have to be in writing. Maybe we can all just agree not to disparage each other, even when we don’t agree.

However, I’m thinking that written  non-disparagement agreements might be useful for reducing self-disparagement. Here’s a first draft of that kind of non-disparagement agreement:

I agree not to disparage myself, silently or out loud.


(your name here)

I agree not to disparage myself about my other photos from yesterday.






I don’t want to disparage the people in the news these days, but I wish they’d act more like adults. If they did, perhaps people in my therapy groups wouldn’t be focusing so much on self-protection.

Should we disparage this  YouTube video?


What do you think about non-disparagement agreements? No disparagement here, even if we disagree.

As always, I agree to  (1) write every day that I am able and (2) express gratitude at the end of each post.



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23 thoughts on “Day 1830: Non-disparagement agreement

  1. koolaidmoms

    To me non-disparagement agreements sound like you don’t trust the other person to begin with so why would you do business with them. I get non-compete clauses or non-disclosure clauses (which are typical for him to have his employees sign) because they may steal your business ideas. But, if you don’t trust someone to begin with don’t work with them.

  2. This one sent me to the OED which informed me that “disparagement” comes from a word that originally meant “to degrade or dishonour by marrying to one of inferior rank”. One could only disparage oneself, although since all people are equal I don’t believe in “inferior rank”.

  3. I agree to enjoy any disparaging comments you might make about he who shall not be named!

  4. “Never is heard a disparaging word……home, home on the range.”

  5. Good idea! I will try not to disparage myself today. I’m pretty good at not disparaging other people.

  6. What I find truly disparaging is that I have not been able to date Harley….Although it could also be a non-disparagement agreement behind-the-scenes

  7. This was a new one to me! I hope you are safe and warm and not flooding!!!

  8. Hi Anne,
    In the meantime as I’m off and on the net could you restrict your mail.
    Was jammed out with mail when I got home. Look forward to catching up with you later.

    • Hi Bridie,

      I tried to remove you from my followers, but ran into a problem trying to do that. It would be much easier for you to do this: go to the bottom of any email you’ve gotten about a post of mine and click “unsubscribe.” It takes two seconds and you won’t get any more emails.

      All the best,

  9. I’m all for civility and kindness Ann. I find it here 💛

  10. What on earth would be the value of any such agreement between those two?

  11. I agree, Ann!

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