Day 1829: Worry vs. Planning

I didn’t plan to write about this today, but no worries.

In therapy, we often talk about reducing worry. A lot of people believe that worry is an essential part of planning. They confuse worry with planning and have trouble separating the two.

I suggest to people that

  • you can plan without worrying and
  • worry doesn’t help with anything, including planning.

Yesterday, we made a list of Worry vs. Planning:


I wasn’t planning to put that list in this blog so I didn’t write neatly.  I’m not worrying about that.

You might not have planned to think about this today, but what do you think are the differences between worry and planning?

Here are some other unplanned photos from yesterday:









I didn’t plan on sleeping late this morning, but I did.  I’m not going to worry about that, either. I’m just going to quickly find a video for this post, publish it, and get ready for work.


I always plan to thank everybody who helps me create these posts and who reads them. These days, I’m not worrying about how I express my gratitude — I just do it.


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31 thoughts on “Day 1829: Worry vs. Planning

  1. Sometimes worry sparks planning, and sometimes planning eases the worry. Sometimes, Ann, life just goes on.

  2. Worrying often comes with a raised heart rate and physical symptoms. Planning often has a system and a way to keep organized—lists, research, etc There is a beginning and end to planning time. It can be hard to disconnect from worrying.

  3. I like the list that shows the difference between planning and worrying, sometimes the 2 can overlap and get confused in our brains! Happy Wednesday!

  4. Worry is such wasted emotion…I like the idea of scheduling it, then letting it go. Great visual, Ann.

  5. Scheduling time to worry seems like a great idea–get it out of the way. I’m done worrying that you might be looking for someone to quote the Monty Python song “I’m So Worried”, but I’m not going to worry that instead the fact that you slept late makes me feel like sharing Hayden Carruth’s poem “Five-thirty AM”.

    Out the eastern window at
    five-thirty this morning
    are the pear tree, the sycamore,
    and the high hill, the crest of it
    with a new moon just risen
    above it, a crescent tipped beyond
    the dark trees, so clear and golden,
    a jewel – yes, one might say a jewel –
    and already behind it the first
    dawnlight spreading faint and
    soft and gray, like a mass of minute
    dead angels’ wings coming closer,
    closer. The crescent is less bright.
    Soon it will be invisible. Oh, there is
    only an instant of vouchsafing!
    What can one do but write this
    little poem, finish the wine,
    take the sleeping pills, and go to bed?

  6. Anticipatory worry work is sometimes a good plan

  7. I don’t plan on waking up in the middle of the night worrying about things, but it happens. Maybe if I plan a little better I won’t have to worry about that happening too often.

  8. I have taught myself not to worry about anything, as I can’t change anyway, Ann. Good planning is great to avoid worrying.

  9. I love the two cats, not worrying about sharing space.

  10. I typically find better ways of doing things so that I don’t have to worry about doing them. Usually having another option or two does the trick. I also believe that things are as they should be, or better yet exactly as they are. This also helps me to alleviate worry. Lastly, I realized long ago that “worry” is only a word, nothing more unless I give it power!

  11. Generally speaking I am not one to worry, can’t see the point, it changes nothing, achieves nothing, except maybe giving me a headache and a restless nights sleep both of which I can do without. Planning stuff also not something I am big at but I do make plans from time to time.

  12. I like planning a lot better Ann. Thanks.

  13. Scheduling worry time is a great strategy! I recommend it as well. Now I’m starting to worry that I’m still reading emails at 11:00am! Btw, stay warm and cozy as best you can up there!

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