Day 1825: Be visible

Yesterday, when I chose to be visible in Cambridge, Massachusetts with my son, this sign was visible.


Several years ago, I wrote and published  Day 609: Invisible, which can still be visible here. 

These days I’m choosing to be visible, and there are visible advantages and risks of that choice. When you choose to be visible, there may be visible

  • attention,
  • criticism,
  • support,
  • pressure,
  • feedback,
  • help,
  • disappointment,
  • praise,
  • indifference,
  • understanding,
  • misunderstanding,
  • anxiety,
  • feelings,
  • mistakes,
  • surprises,
  • growth, and
  • expectations.

Are there expectations that more photos will be visible here?












Here’s “Let them Be VISIBLE” on YouTube:


Perhaps some comments will be visible, below.

I’m hoping that my gratitude will be visible to all who helped this post be visible and — of course! —  to YOU.

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17 thoughts on “Day 1825: Be visible

  1. Thank you for taking the chance to stand out, Ann.

  2. I see you Ann 💕 So grateful that you are being visible!

  3. It’s excellent advice to choose your route wisely, but, to quote a famous movie, life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while you might miss it.

  4. Being visible is imperative

  5. In the world of writing you DO stand out! Love the pics!

  6. The things many women would be invisible are their wrinkles, not me I don’t have any, just saying.
    My life is an open book and all things about it are visible and you know what I am ok with that

  7. Even when I am visible, I am often invisible. Indivisible — from my surroundings, from those I love, from the world — I like that. Invisibility is slipperier. Which is, in itself, a super slippery word. If it is a word. Happy almost new year’s eve!

  8. In an attempt to make our freely roaming ponies visible at night, some owners fit them with reflective collars.

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