Day 1823: It’s here!

It’s here!


What’s here?

  • A shoe rack/bench for our hallway,
  • Wind chill factors of -10 degrees F,
  • A new day,
  • This moment,
  • Some hope for the future, and
  • My other photos from yesterday.




Actually, the New Year isn’t here, but it’s close!

Looking for music?  It’s here!

Expecting a request for comments?  It’s here!

Gratitude for all who helped me create this post and for you?  It’s here!



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16 thoughts on “Day 1823: It’s here!

  1. Here’s a toast!

  2. A day for a cup of hot tea, warm wooly socks,a comforting afghan, a couch to curl upon, and an enticing book. Brrrrrrrr.

  3. And I’m here too!!!! 🙂

  4. Shoe racks are too often under-celebrated. Thank you for celebrating this humble and stalwart workhorse.

  5. Stay warm in these inbetween days.

  6. Technological changes are also here and happening all the time, which means some old things have disappeared…like phone books, unfortunately.

  7. Ann, I always look forward to a positive word from you. I love the tea bag messages! And a new shoe rack is a necessity in a location with such a freezing climate! Brrr! I hope you have many pairs of warm boots! 🙂 It’s not too soon to wish you a happy new year. A happy and healthy one, certainly!

  8. Here’s to you, Ann

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