Day 1817: Warm wishes

Warm wishes


from Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

For years, I’ve wished for a fireplace to keep me warm.




Sometimes, warm wishes come true.

Do you see warm wishes in these other photos?







Let’s chill out with these Warm Wishes from a Christmas Cat.


I’m taking the advice in that video and enjoying the time with my family, my loved ones, and my pets.

Thanks to all who helped me share the warm wishes in this post and — of course! — to YOU.


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32 thoughts on “Day 1817: Warm wishes

  1. Fireplace to keep you warm? What about Michael? That’s supposed to be his job.

  2. Thanks for your warm wishes Ann.

  3. Have a wonderful Christmas and save some of your warm wishes for yourself!

  4. May your holiday season continue to be the warmest, Ann!

  5. Warm wishes and a happy holiday to you, Anne, and your family.

  6. Your warmth is radiant. 🙂

  7. Since I suspect Boston is chillier than Nashville I’d like to return and also pay forward the warm wishes.

  8. Wish we could send you our fireplace – it’s very mild her. Warm wishes to you, too

  9. And thank you, for all of the kindness and warmth and encouragement through this year. ❤

  10. Ann,
    Happy holidays to you and yours. This post always brings warmth through the cold winter months.

  11. A warm and wonderful post Ann. Snuggle up 💛😊💛

  12. Love your fireplace, and how lovely to be reminded that sometimes a long-held desire still comes true! Warm wishes to you, too, Ann, for a happy Christmas shared with Michael and your son!

  13. I enjoy your eclectic collage photo/essays so much Anne. This seasonal one says it all. I’ve cut, split, chopped, hauled, and tended many a wood-stove and fireplace over the years, and I really enjoy the very modern no fuss gas fireplace in the Townhouse home where I live now. All my best to you Anne. Thank you.

    • I enjoy your kind comments SO much, JoHanna and I’m glad we’re both staying warm with our no fuss gas fireplaces. Warm wishes to you.

  14. this is nearly as warm
    as the fire going
    in the other room 🙂

  15. Thanks Ann, to you also!

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