Day 1812: Not a fan

I am not a fan of

  • traffic,
  • filling out forms,
  • loud noises,
  • the cold,
  • the dark,
  • cages,
  • cubicles,
  • the new U.S. tax bill,
  • people who abuse power,
  • worry,
  • loneliness,
  • illness,
  • poverty,
  • war, and
  • harsh judgments.

I am a fan of

  • family,
  • friends,
  • cats,
  • chocolate,
  • cheese,
  • peace,
  • kindness,
  • comedy,
  • colors,
  • warmth,
  • light,
  • windows,
  • freedom,
  • walking,
  • blogging,
  • visiting old familiar places, and
  • sharing photos.
















Are you not a fan of any of those photos?  Are you not a fan of this song by Ben Folds?

I am a fan of

  • comments (whether you are or are not a fan) and
  • expressing my thanks to all who help me create these posts and — of course! — to you.


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32 thoughts on “Day 1812: Not a fan

  1. I hope, that Samantha will find a great forever home and not arrive as a present in the middle of the Christmas, Ann. She looks like a kind soul.

  2. I am a fan of you!

    And, btw, I am not a fan of moving! But now that the first part is over I’m a fan of getting back to visiting blogs like yours!

  3. I am a fan of that cat! Too bad she is not a fan of other cats so you probably didn’t take her home. I would like a cat but she is probably too far away. I hope she finds a home soon.

  4. Love the song pick. He’s terrific. 😊

  5. I see you are teasing us with that huge box of chocolates again!

  6. The wonderful thing about the expression “not a fan” is it says “I don’t like it but its okay if you do”. So I’m a fan of “not a fan”. And of cats and cheese and holiday lights and while I’m not a fan of the elf on the shelf it is nice that he’s joined here by the mensch on the bench. And also, especially at this time of year, Dickens.

  7. I am NOT a fan of: Living Life With My Eyes Wide Shut!

    I like all of your images, and look forward to visiting your blog again and again just to see where your creative mind takes us next. I especially like the snow man on the sled, and the colorful Christmas lawn decorations. I have often driven to different neighborhoods with my grandson, and enjoyed the same with him. We have a dandy time!

  8. I am a fan of remarkable Christmas lights and decorations that make me smile…. and the 12 Days of cheeses!

  9. I am a fan of art!

  10. I am not a fan of short sighted narrow minded people, also not a fan of people with good eye sight and narrow minds, or blind people with narrow minds, just saying.

    I am a fan of this blog and many other blogs and of course the love of family

  11. I’m a fan of you. You. You.

  12. Ahhh…we’re both fans of the same FANtastic things that really matter. Btw, Samantha is mewtiful. I would love to have a cat but hubby is not a fan of cats….sigh! ㄱ(ㅇㅅㅇ” )ㄴ

  13. I am a fan of your Christmas decorations pics

  14. What a great reminder, buecause I’ve been grumpy standing in some lines this week. Thanks.

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