Day 1811: Throw Aways

Let’s start this throw-away post with a  definition of “throw away.”


adjective: throw-away
1. denoting or relating to products that are intended to be discarded after being used once or a few times.
“a throwaway camera”
synonyms: disposable, single-use, nonreturnable, unrecyclable
“throwaway packaging”
2. (of a remark) expressed in a casual or understated way.
“some people overreacted to a few throwaway lines”
synonyms: casual, passing, careless, unthinking, unstudied, unconsidered, offhand; underemphasized
“throwaway remarks”
noun: throw-away
1. a thing intended or destined to be discarded after brief use or appeal.

Here are a few throwaway lines from me:

  • Some years ago I asked Michael, “Did you throw away the cards and letters I received from clients when I left my previous job?”
  • Michael said he would not throw away anything valuable and he was sure they’d show up some day.
  • The cards and letters have never shown up, so I assume they were accidentally thrown away.
  • My memories of my previous clients remain in my heart and mind, never to be thrown away.
  • It looks like Michael did throw away my favorite boots.


  • I don’t think Michael meant to throw away my boots. I think he temporarily threw them in the wastebasket while he was cleaning.
  • I fear that the new U.S. tax bill is going to throw away a lot of valuable things.
  • If my fears are true, I’m hoping the “careless, unthinking, unstudied, unconsidered”  parts of the tax bill that Congress is almost certainly “passing” will be “discarded after a brief use.”
  • Yesterday,  I won a box of chocolates that I will not throw away.


Here are some more throw-away photos  from my non-throwaway camera.







If everything I’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear, I guess it’s time to throw away fear.

The FCC has thrown away Net Neutrality and I wonder how that’s going to affect my throwing in YouTube videos like this one (which came up when I searched on “throw away”):


Let’s not throw away our shots.

Please leave any throwaway remarks below.

As always, thanks for reading my throwaway lines, here and now.



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33 thoughts on “Day 1811: Throw Aways

  1. Don’t blame Michael! He is innocent

  2. As a plumber, I wish I’d throw away more of the left-over materials that I bring home from my jobs,. 😊 in my new little house 🏡 I really haven’t got the room I used to have. I need to throw the stuff away, and not bring it home!!

  3. Uh. I’m sorry. I got stuck at the FREE Godiva chocolates. What a win!

  4. I’ve actually started to learn there are things I can throw away. But I’m careful about what it is I do.

  5. Hi Ann, I have discovered living in a house for eight year (the longest amount of time I have lived anywhere in my entire life) I have to go through, and throw away stuff. So much stuff collects so quickly. Hey, you going to share those chocolates?

  6. I would share the chocolates because I know if I ate them all I’d look like a tanker truck, but you don’t have to share with me cuz I live too far away. Heh…

  7. Throw Aways

  8. I first read this earlier today when I was in a used bookstore that also sells CDs, LPs, DVDs, comics, cards, calendars, games, and has a big bin of Legos. And I remembered that sometimes I’ve opened a used book to find a note or postcard, and even money from another part of the world.
    Your cards and letters are not truly gone, and ultimately I believe everything is recycled.

  9. Fortunately, I do not have to throw away fear to read your blog. You always locate it between us and anything to fear.

    Glad that the Godiva chocolates were for keeps.

  10. Don’t throw away your shot at that chocolate.

  11. Should I throw away my pc with Windows 10?

  12. Good call on not throwing away the chocolate. I’ve not seen butter sculptures for sale but am fascinated that they exist beyond the state fair cow. Hope you are finding light in the season.

  13. That cat in glasses is a keeper, Ann.

  14. hello ann koplow its dennis the vizsla dog hay ar we throwing things??? ar we playing fetch??? i am up for sum fetch!!! ok bye

  15. Jan Woodruff

    My son wants me to throw away at least half of the stuff in my house!!!

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