Day 1805: Questionable Choices

As I look around, I see many people making questionable choices.

Is it a questionable choice for me to share my first photo from yesterday?


I made some questionable choices yesterday, including using Gorilla Glue to reattach my lost-and-found necklace piece.  However, after questioning the internet, I made choices to effectively remove the excess glue from my fingers and from the repaired necklace.

Are any of my other photos from yesterday questionable choices?










Last night, one of my unquestionable choices, Michael, showed me a short film from the NY Cat Film Festival about a man who has made choices some might find questionable. I hope you make the choice to watch this:

It’s not a questionable choice to thank Michael, Ian Christopher Goodman, Akamatsu the Cat, Harley the cat, Hallmark Cards, seaside locations,  the internet, and — of course! — you, for choosing to visit here, now.


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25 thoughts on “Day 1805: Questionable Choices

  1. I made the choice to watch the film, and do find his choices somewhat questionable- and disturbing. But that’s just my choice of an opinion Ann. I was quite happy to see your necklace intact and that you mad the choice to glue it back together!!

  2. Cape Cod potato chips. GREAT CHOICE!

  3. Hmm, questionable choices indeed, but Akamatsu seems happy, right? Now I am wondering if I am having questionable thoughts. Reading this post is definitely one of the least questionable things I have ever done. As always, it was a total treat and a great way to begin my day!

  4. Harley is cute as always, Ann. No questions about him.
    I watched the film too and I thought, that this was lucky, that he got a chance to live with this man and the cat looked both happy and satisfied, even if it must be difficult to live as a handicapped cat.

  5. Questionable choices often result in harsh consequences, but fond memories.

  6. Does Gorilla Glue really work? I’ve seen the commercials but I’ve been skeptical. Also, is that little snow-covered gazebo yours? It’s beautiful!

  7. smiling to choosing
    repair & not
    getting stuck 🙂

  8. I don’t question the choices made by Goodman. I trust he did the right thing for Akumatsu, and that together they made each others’ lives better.
    Sometimes the trust I’ve placed in others has turned out to be a bad decision. It hasn’t stopped me from trusting, though. I don’t think we could function without it.

  9. Some questionable choices, that made me wonder, what the hell

  10. Some would consider Ewe Rock groanworthy. I’m one. No question

  11. My choice to watch the lovely video about Akamatsu (with my only box of kleenex upstairs) has caused my sleeve to be wet. Wonderful post!

  12. Unquestionably, I’m glad I came back to see these cats, Ann.

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