Day 1802: Beautiful/Ugly

Yesterday, beautiful people in a therapy group talked about feeling ugly.


I suggested that people practice looking in a mirror and saying “I’m beautiful,” even when feeling ugly.   Especially when feeling ugly.

A few years ago,  I published the post Day 581: Ann’s Beauty Tips. In ugly times, I think it’s even more important to realize one’s own beauty.

Do you find any of my other photos from yesterday beautiful and/or ugly?









Here’s ugly and beautiful music on YouTube:

No matter how ugly or beautiful you’re feeling, any comment you write will be beautiful to me.

Beautiful thanks to all who helped me create this Beautiful/Ugly post and — of course! — to beautiful you.


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25 thoughts on “Day 1802: Beautiful/Ugly

  1. Love the pic of the ‘Wacky Whiskers’ dog in the destroyed chair! It looks a bit like the chair in my house where Pearly Greyhound sleeps.

  2. You never pull the wool over our eyes, Ann!

  3. “In ugly times, I think it’s even more important to realize one’s own beauty.” Wise words my beautiful friend 💕

  4. So much beauty in the music video. Number 6, a personal favorite. Thanks, Ann.

  5. I like all the beauties in your post, Ann 🙂
    You are right, it is exactly in bad days, we need to see the beauty.

  6. Love the cat faces. A mew-tiful, pawsome and purrfect post! (=^・ェ・^=))ノ彡☆☆☆☆☆

  7. I think sometimes I am “uglier” than other times. But it’s about behavior, not looks. Or that’s what upsets me most about myself…..and I do want to be honest about my ugly truths.

  8. The most beautiful thing, I think, is confidence in your own beauty regardless of whether others call you ugly.

  9. When I was in my teens and twenties, I had no clue about my beauty or others’ beauty. So odd, because I see it all the time now–so many kinds of beauty. I wonder if it takes a bit of age to see it?

  10. Sound comments from Lisa. I could see others’ beauty, but not my own

  11. I love the beautiful, not ugly, Cat Faces calendar. Must find one!

    • I found that beautiful Cat Faces Calendar at an Ocean State Job Lot store, Sunny. Thanks for another beautiful comment!

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