Day 1800: GUILT — Why?

Why is this post titled “GUILT– Why?”

Is today’s post — on the 1800th day of consecutive blogging here at The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally — an examination of why we human beings experience guilt?

Why would I attempt a post of such sweeping scope on a morning when I have only 15 minutes to create it before I need to get ready for work?

Here’s why “GUILT — Why?” is today’s title:


Yesterday, in my office, somebody was trying to figure out why they were experiencing increased feelings of guilt.  The conclusion was that this person was not getting enough sleep and was eating more sweets and carbs.

Why would lack of sleep and a less healthy diet cause more guilt?

I have no guilt about

  1. not answering my own questions in this post and
  2. sharing my other photos from yesterday.















Just a reminder … I can find a helpful video on YouTube by searching on my post’s title.

Why should you feel any guilt about leaving (or not leaving) a comment?

GRATITUDE (for all who helped me create this post and for you) — Why?

Just because.



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29 thoughts on “Day 1800: GUILT — Why?

  1. My inner judge says Not Guilty Ann 💛… unless its your birthday and I forgot!

  2. Guilt keeps us in check if we let it, Ann.

  3. I like the video, but often, creativity happens when you let yourself “color outside the lines”. No guilt here, Ann, it’s my birthday and I’ll have cake !!

  4. 18 is a mighty big number for consecutive posts! 1800? I can barely imagine. Thank you, Ann.

  5. I’ll feel guilty if I don’t send you a lovely comment about inquisitive question about guilt, and it would be guilty of me, not to say something about the quilt I’m feeling about not writing about feeling guilty, etc… etc…etc…

  6. Nice post Ann and I don’t feel guilt for leaving you a comment today 🙂

    I just had thoughts about guilt today, but nothing about food…

  7. I don’t think your friend has the same definition of “guilt” that I do, or else they gave done little to feel guilty for. But. It is always a good idea to eat well, so I think I will poach myself an egg for breakfast,and eat it without guilt. Thanks for posting when you were short of time, Ann.

  8. It’s excellent advice that a way to deal with guilt is simply to roll with the punches. And sometimes we need to let ourselves color outside the lines.

  9. Now I feel guilty for leaving a second comment, but I’d feel even guiltier if I didn’t share this quote from David Mitchell on the subject of guilty pleasures:

    “‘Guilty pleasures’? It’s prudish and judgemental and yet it’s referring to harmless things people do in their spare time. I mean, I’ve watched and enjoyed The X Factor and I know that it’s not exactly the Proms or The Wire or whatever worthy thing I’m supposed to be watching, but why should I feel the least bit guilty about having taken pleasure from it? Or, for that matter, from eating a Findus crispy pancake, watching a Brittas Empire DVD or reading Country Life in the bath?”

  10. Guilt we all feel it at times that is natural but at times we really have no reason to feel guilty about

  11. Not answering your own question? You should be ashamed of yourself 🙂

  12. Mandi Em

    Currently trying to break up with guilt lol

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