Day 1796: What keeps you up at night?

What keeps you up at night?




The dark?

Too much light?


What’s permanent?

What’s temporary?

What you ate?

What’s eating you?

The unknown?

What you know?



Problems with photos that force you to blog from your cell phone?

Or is that just me?

Might this song from Cabaret keep you up at night?

Comments from my readers don’t keep me up at night. However, comments from world leaders do.

Thanks to all who helped me write this “What keeps you up at night?” post and to you — of course! — for keeping up with my blog.

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27 thoughts on “Day 1796: What keeps you up at night?

  1. Nice post, Ann 🙂
    What keeps me up at nights? Side effects after my coma, I think.
    Another thing could also be, how the world leaders are acting, when I think about the future of our world.

  2. Yes, Ann, the big world can keep me up at night in my small bed.

  3. Its a rich man’s world!

  4. Lately what keeps me up at night has been the politics of a nonprofit of which I’m President. And fundraising for said group. Oh…and a Christmas concert coming up that I need to practice for. And the health of our music director. And worries about my dog who is getting older. And missing my family, all of whom live far away.

    I think that’s about it.

    For now.

  5. Not money, not politics, only family issues can keep me up at night. But, I sleep pretty well, Ann.

  6. Frequently I feel very tired and have trouble staying awake, even when I’ve gotten plenty of sleep. Worrying about that keeps me up at night. Normally I’m a fan of irony but that’s the wrong kind of irony.

  7. Cold weather. Broken heaters. Clutter (what do I DO with it all?) Christmas shopping (what can I GET people?). Old dog. Old car… and the list goes on. Stuff I can do nothing about at 4am, so why does my mind insist on nagging me about it?

    • That’s what minds do, Annabelle. Sometimes I visualize a box and put all those those 4 AM thoughts into it and then close the lid, telling myself I can open up the box and let the thoughts out when it’s time to do actually do something about them. Sometimes I imagine each thought as a colorful balloon and let them float away. I hope you can get some rest!

  8. death and dying- not so much me, but those I love. Everything seems so much more bleak int he dark….

  9. The sound of dripping coming from the ceiling.

  10. People keep me up at night. Or the sound of potential leaks in the plumbing. Fortunately, not money. I refer you to Neil Diamond, who says “Money talks, but it can’t sing and dance and it don’t walk.”
    Enjoy, and sleep well.

  11. My bladder (“Get up now and pee”) or too much coffee (“Told you I’ll keep you up all night”)
    (*´ ˘ `*).。oO ( ♡ )

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