Day 1795: Entitled

I think we’re all entitled to a definition of today’s title.

believing oneself to be inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment.

Yesterday, when I entered the group room, followed by the group members, an entitled person kept talking on the phone despite my  multiple requests that he vacate the room so I could start my patient group.

One group member who witnessed this wondered whether the young doctor  felt entitled to finish his  phone call because medical systems have a hierarchy.   I felt entitled to express my opinion that in any medical hierarchy, the patients should be on the top.

We are all entitled to our opinions.

I’m wondering if my photos from yesterday relate to today’s title of “Entitled.” In any case, I’m entitled to share them.

If we realize we are acting in an entitled way, we can always try again with more empathy and compassion.

Here’s “Entitled” by Leighton Meester:

I hope you know you are entitled to make a comment, below.

Everyone who helped me create this “Entitled” post is entitled to my sincere gratitude and so are you!

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19 thoughts on “Day 1795: Entitled

  1. It’s unfortunate (but a reality) that some physicians feel they are entitled to believe that “MD” are the initials for “Medical Diety.”

  2. It’s funny how our entitlement comes across as rude. Or maybe it’s not so funny.

  3. I had no idea until recently that Leighton sang. She was great in Gossip Girl. Like that bench statue a lot.

  4. He was also entitled to politely request only a moment or two more to finish an important call, if that was the case, Ann.

  5. What oh WHAT did all these special, ‘important’ people do before cell phones anyway? This is a system that has only taken center stage within the last 15 yes. Does anyone ever stop to consider we did a pretty damn good job of communicating before cell phones? They are meant to be a convenience, not a task master. Thankfully, in the last two clinics I worked in, there was little to no cell service in the exam lanes, forcing anyone who HAD to be on their phones to go back to the waiting area. Disorganized organization is how I feel about technology. Sorry for the mini rant.

  6. Entitled is just another way to spell ‘unawakened’.

  7. Entitled cell phone user would make a good Monty Python skit. You should have made a circle around him and bore witness to his “entitlement”. Or maybe he was having a bad day ad just needed a time out. In any case you and your group were entitled to be a bit disgruntled by his lack of cooperation. I would like the bronze statue in my building. He looks like a good listener.

  8. While I don’t feel entitled to access to the OED I’m glad it’s available to me, and as I was looking up “entitled” I found a curious thing: an earlier meaning of “title” was “right of possession”.
    In a world of shared spaces the belief that we’re entitled to disrupt the lives of others is the first possession we must let go of.

  9. On your handwritten list, I read “apology” as “apostasy” and was quite enthralled.

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