Day 1794: Where we will end up

Since yesterday’s post was about where we start, today I’m giving equal time to where we will end up.

I’m not sure where this post will end up, but let’s start with this teabag:


Yesterday, I ended up happy by facilitating a therapy group where people talked about turkeys and then attending the musical The Color Purple with my sister-in-law Linda.






This is where The Color Purple ended up, which made the audience very happy.

If you end up leaving a comment, you’ll give happiness to me.

Where will this post end up?  With thanks, of course, to all who helped me create it and to you, for ending up here.

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27 thoughts on “Day 1794: Where we will end up

  1. Luis Del Castillo

    I am always happy to read your blog every morning, but was particularly happy to see your name on my fundraiser list, thank you so much!! I really appreciate it!

  2. That set looks awesome Ann. What a great place to end up yesterday. Hope you had fun 💛

  3. That’s quite a fab finish, Ann.

  4. Thanks for sharing Ann!!!

  5. “Ditto” to my comments from yesterday, yep this is my last place, where I’m ending up.

  6. I know I will eventually end up here because Ann is always up to something interesting. (=^・ェ・^=))ノ彡☆

  7. A few years ago my wife and I went to see “The Color Purple” the musical. I went in expecting to enjoy it and I did. I say that I like to be surprised, and that I often set out with no particular destination in mind, but sometimes it’s just as good to have an idea of where I’d like to go and find that I do arrive there.

  8. I ended up having to turn my volume up to 100% -it was well worth it

  9. Ended up writing you a comment.

  10. I ended up reading your blog, which I almost always end up doing! You gave me happiness and I hope I end up giving you some in return.

  11. Where will we end up? You start off with a plan, a hope, a goal Whether you end up happy depends on how well you can adjust to all those things that happen along the way, that weren’t in your plan. As long as we end up with each other, or the memory of each other, the sensation of how it felt to be making headway on our plan, we will get there. I hope you have plenty of good feelings along the way.

  12. As long as a person is happy with were they end up then all is good

  13. thank you for making
    so much sense, Ann!
    seemingly, less common
    these days, from others 🙂

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