Day 1793: Start where you are

Where are you? You’re at the Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally. Start here.

Where do you want to go from where you are? Start by taking a small step. Then another.

If it’s difficult to start where that caption is, it says

Without any tennis balls around, Zoe has resorted to the limes that fall off the tree…

I want to start being more like Zoe.

“Start where you are” finds lots of videos on YouTube. Let’s start here:

Start a comment, if that’s where you are.

Where I am is here, so I’ll end with gratitude to all who helped me start and complete this post and — of course! — to you, wherever you are.

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22 thoughts on “Day 1793: Start where you are

  1. Hi Ann, how are you over there. I’m here in my little abode, in Bell Post Hill, 8km from the Geelong city centre and it’s beautiful waterfront precinct, 30km from the gorgeous Bellarine Peninsular and the golden sands of the Surfcoast, and 70km back up the road to Melbourne city.,.. So this where I am.

  2. It helps my morning when the start includes your blog, Ann.

  3. “Begin at the beginning,” the King said, very gravely, “and go on till you come to the end: then stop.”

    You reminded me of this, from Alice in Wonderland.

  4. I like starting my day here.

  5. I always find the best place to start is with the words of songwriter Jana Stanfield who said, “I am not lost, I’m exploring.” Wherever we find ourselves it’s always somewhere and somewhere is worth exploring.

  6. If you run into Zoe, please giver her a couple of avocados to go with her lime. And a hug.

    I am starting my day with a borrowed cat on my lap, and the printer whirring.

  7. I start by putting one foot in front of the other, I start by clicking one link and then another, my first start was when I came from my mother.

  8. Zoe, wherever she is, is a smart dog.

  9. Every journey starts with a step, every trip starts with a miss-step

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  11. A great place to be! Dinner looked great too πŸ’›

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