Day 1784: Judging You

One of the interns at work —  who knows I write a blog about letting go of judgment and who I hope is not judging me about that —  showed me this last week:


Are you judging those “judging you” socks?

When I talk to people about joining my “Coping and Healing”  groups, I sometimes say

Judging is something we humans do.   I won’t be judging you about that. Please pay attention to harsh self-judgment and try judging you less.

Right now, I’m judging you, Michael, for not emailing  me those photos for today’s blog, which included cupcakes that looked like dogs.  I’m letting go of judging you, Michael, and I’m also letting go of judging me for not taking my phone with me yesterday when we visited a craft show benefiting a local animal shelter.

Don’t judge me for finding this video when I searched for “Judging You” on YouTube:


While cats may be judging you, I’m still thankful for cats, for Michael, for Vivian the intern, and for this one photo I took yesterday evening.



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21 thoughts on “Day 1784: Judging You

  1. I will not judge you Ann, but I would like to those photos, as you missed today 😀

  2. On the other side of judgement is appreciation and gratitude.

    I appreciate you and am grateful for everything you offer the world — with or without photos! 🙂

  3. Thankful…that’s enough, Ann.

  4. Even without knowing him I judge Michael to be a great guy. That’s because I trust your judgment. These judgments are ones I have no desire to let go of.

  5. Live and let live, photos are only reflections of our thoughts, and I think they would’ve been ok.😊

  6. That video was funny stuff, I an not a judging person, judging others takes too much effort and I am far too lazy to do that, just saying

  7. I really enjoyed the video Ann. Cats are such special creatures. Somehow they keep us humble with their demands, whereas my dog, simply adores me for walking into a room! I know some wonderfully forgiving people, too, who judge no one! And some of us need to work on that. 🙂

  8. I judge your positive judgments to be important

  9. Michael is still my internet hero. I would like a calendar called, “Michael’s Super Pics.”

  10. Uh, I didn’t mean that. I meant supper! Michael’s supper pics! Maybe super supper pics?

  11. I read somewhere that even saying, “Good job.” is a form of judgement…which when I think about it…it is. It’s hard to stay on even keel.

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