Day 1783: The world’s scariest places

Last night, when I was at an American supermarket (which was one of the world’s scariest places in the Robin Williams movie “Moscow on the Hudson”), I saw this:

I don’t know what’s included in that magazine of the world’s scariest places. Perhaps it includes places where there’s

  • genocide,
  • prejudice,
  • sexual abuse,
  • physical abuse and/or
  • emotional abuse.

What do you think are the world’s scariest places?

Are there any scary places here?

Hospitals can be some of the world’s scariest places, so I’m glad that the hospital where I work has a string quartet playing near the entrance.

There are so many “World’s Scariest Places” videos on YouTube that it’s scaring me, so here’s that scene from “Moscow on the Hudson.”

I hope the comments section here is not a scary place and that you’ll place a comment, below.

Thanks to Robin Williams, the hospital where I work, magazines, supermarkets and every other place, person, and thing that helped me write this world’s-scariest-places post. And thanks to you — of course! — for helping to make this blog one of the safest places I know.

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27 thoughts on “Day 1783: The world’s scariest places

  1. Your photographic evidence of Ben and Jerry’s Banana Split flavor is a first for me, Ann. My recollection of how much Funky Monkey I used to eat decades ago is scary.

    • Firsts can be scary, Mark. How much Banana Split Ice Cream Michael is eating these days is scary. I’m glad you’re taking care of yourself. Thanks for the comment!

  2. Well I’ve had a good think about what would be the world’s scariest place, and my hottest answer is, “Hells Back-door”

  3. I find supermarkets extremely scary – so much so that I do most of my shopping online. Bananas can be pretty scary too, especially if you find a nasty brown bit while you’re eating – or worse still, if a poisonous spider snuck in with the bunch!

  4. Hi Ann – I think airports are some of the world’s scariest places, with escalators and wayward rolling suitcases. Oh, and abandoned hospitals.

  5. Glad to see I’m not alone in feeling like Supermarkets are not that “Super” at all.

  6. Inside DJT’s head … too scary to contemplate. 🤡

  7. In late 1991, with the collapse of the Soviet Union, a scary event for a lot of people, just a few months away, I saw a Russian comedian. He talked about his recent trip to France. “They have over a hundred different types of yogurt there,” he said. “Here we have two kinds: yesterday’s and the day before yesterday’s.” To American audiences it was already an old, even hackneyed, joke, but to Soviet audiences, who were just getting their first taste of stand-up comedy, it was hilarious, even shocking.
    Context matters. Context can make even the scariest things funny.

  8. That Robin W. clip…how we take our abundance for granted ! Thanks for the reminder. I’m loving the idea of a string quartet in the hospital lobby…peaceful and very classy.

  9. Aside from genocide, that would be the US. And then I thought, if you’re trying to throw people off healthcare coverage 🏥, especially kids on the CHIP plan, don’t fix lead in water systems, let tar sands oil leak into huge natural areas, and shoot unarmed people of color, maybe it’s all true. 😢

  10. I don’t know what the scariest place is….I just feel sorrow thinking of those who are having to be there.

  11. It is kind of scary to think of a world without Robin Williams.

  12. A high viewing platform, such as one projecting from the top of a tower block in Sydney was so scary I wouldn’t join my son-in-law.on his visit.

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