Day 1777: It’s good to be tough

It’s good to be tough


when things get rough

but it’s good to be vulnerable, too.

In every location


I see invitation

to huddle and muddle things through.


After every bad storm


it’s important to mourn

and also find strength in your heart.

So put on your mittens


and play with some kittens


and […it’s tough to come up with a good last line, so could you do your part?]


It’s good to see Tom Petty sing

“It’s Good to Be King.”


Thanks for reading and helping my rhymes.

I’ll now express thanks several times.




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24 thoughts on “Day 1777: It’s good to be tough

  1. It’s also tough to be good, Ann, but here you are, every dang day.

  2. To be tough is a good quality, and to be gracious also, is a saintly combination.

  3. Good advice. I don’t have any kittens but I am looking after a sweet and elderly cat, which really does help me feel better.

  4. what wonderful mittens!! But you know the saying I live by…. When the going gets tough….the tough go shopping!! Happy Sunday Ann!

  5. Rhyming can be tough. Good job Ann 😊

  6. It’s been said that the toughest people are also the most sensitive, that they can only survive with a tough exterior, which does make it good to be tough.

  7. I am many things, but tough I am not, well I don’t think I am I melt like butter in the sun

  8. And cats, nothing wrong with that! Lol ♡
    Diana xo

  9. now that’s enough
    of being tough

  10. And thus the healing will start.

  11. …cuz folks who loves kittens is smaht!

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